{Book Review} Where Dragonflies Dance: A.A. Medina

Where Dragonflies Dance: A.A. Medina

Reviewed By Steve Stred

After enjoying ‘Siphon’ by A.A. Medina, I was excited to see what this whole ‘Claybrook County Chronicles’ idea would look like. The synopsis for ‘Where Dragonflies Dance’ is very different in tone and feeling than ‘Siphon,’ which really interested me.

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Medina throws us into the story immediately. We are introduced to Erik. He was recently involved in a significant car accident that has resulted in the loss of one of his legs as well as the disappearance of his daughter Melinda. He can’t remember anything.

He’s frustrated with the lack of information coming from the Detective and Medina keeps bringing us slowly along so that we really begin to yearn to know where Melinda is.

Then Erik sees his daughter. She’s standing in their bedroom and when he gets up to see her, he falls.

Waking up in the hospital, things begin to ramp up and Medina goes from mild to the extreme as the story quickly unfolds and Erik’s memory returns.

I really enjoyed the pace of this one. Even at the beginning when we get some pieces put in place, there’s never really a lull or a slow patch. I was always intrigued with where Melinda was and what happened in that accident.

When we finally do discover what unfolded, I was both a bit put off, but also horrified. There was a bit of dialogue prior which felt a bit off, almost made me cringe with how it read, but when the details are revealed, I felt like I knew what was coming but also outraged with how it was set up. Especially after we were told how much work the investigation had done to try and get all the details from the accident.

The epilogue was good, and I enjoyed how it really tied together with ‘Siphon.’

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes from here. I believe I’ve seen Medina say there are books #3 and #4 already in various stages of finishing, which will be interesting to see how this all begins to unravel.

A worthy follow up to ‘Siphon,’ if not a very, very different book.

Where Dragonflies Dance

Erik Haust was in an accident. When he awoke, not only was his nine-year-old daughter missing, but so was his memory of that day. Almost two months later, and there is still no sign of his daughter, Melinda. Until she found him. Dragged through an emotional and painful minefield, Erik unravels the mystery of his daughter’s disappearance.

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