{Book Review} When The Cicadas Stop Singing: Zachary Ashford

When The Cicadas Stop Singing: Zachary Ashford

Reviewed By Yvonne Miller

The world as we know it has ended, what’s left in its wake is destruction. Ever heard of the commandment of Love Thy Neighbour? Well forget it, it no longer exists. Trust is now only a five-letter word, it means nothing. When the Cicadas Stop Singing is an in-depth examination of motherhood and grief. The hook came in the very first chapter and I was in awe with the obvious pain and suffering of Cora. Only a few pages in and I was living my worst nightmare. Zachary Ashford managed to get my heart pumping but also threatened to stop it with each impending threat.

When the Cicadas Stop Singing, is a mash-up between post-Apocalyptic horror and the home invasion genre. Cora’s world has been ravaged by walking lizards; they do not hesitate to kill on sight. She has found some semblance of normality on a very remote mountain range. She’s experienced traumatic events since it all began but she’s a survivor. She doesn’t want her son’s passing to have been in vain. The arrival of two people should give her a few extra hands to fight the Lizards, shouldn’t it?

What an awesome story full of connective threads, grief having a rippling effect that only gets stronger the more you read. The arrival of this new couple highlights that often the real danger is what is facing you in plain sight. The humanoid lizard hybrid is resolute in its attentions, but humans like to hide their intentions in cold light of day. We get hints throughout that shit is going to hit the proverbial fan. Finally, the links are just too hard to ignore. The book takes on a visceral tone and it becomes a fight for survival. I could feel a cold sweat building, the action is written with the tenacity of a viper.

When the Cicadas Stop Singing is really about the frailty of humankind. There is no effort required to get engrossed in this story. It flows with ease but manages to instantly reside in your heart and tear it open from the inside out. You become flooded with the pain and suffering of Cora’s monumental loss. Alongside her, you can feel that loss taking root in your marrow, you know who she’s fighting for, fighting to keep her son’s memory alive and when that is threatened, she allows her pent-up rage to have an outlet.

A terrifying dystopian landscape.

When The Cicadas Stop Singing

When the poison gas first leaked out of the ground, mankind thought the horror would be over in no time.

When the lizard-men followed, swarming the land, slaughtering indiscriminately, those who survived scattered to the hills and the forests. Most did not last long.

But Cora, who found refuge and made a home in the mountains where she lives with the memory of her dead son, still fights. Tenacious, she lives wild and protects that home from the lizards who seek to kill her.

Until now.

Because man has arrived, and he is not friendly.

In this terrifying fight for survival, Zachary Ashford blends the thrills of the creature feature genre with the claustrophobic atmosphere of a home invasion.

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