{Book Review} Wellington #1: Aaron Mahnke & Delilah Dawson (Story).

Wellington #1

Aaron Mahnke & Delilah Dawson (Story) • Delilah Dawson (Script) • Piotr Kowalski (Artist) • Brad Simpson (Colors) • Christa Miesner (Design & Letters) •Chase Marotz (Editor) •IDW Publishing (Publisher)

Reviewed By A.S. MacKenzie

Have you ever wondered what a story would be like if Edgar Allan Poe sat down with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and wrote a synopsis for a story that Edgar Rice Burroughs then wrote?


Just me?

Alright, well, if you had wondered what that story would look like it would look exactly like Wellington. This new story from the creator of Lore, Aaron Mahnke, is straight out of the classic horror and mysteries of old. With the partnership of Delilah Dawson who, in my humble opinion, is one of the top comic and book writers of our time, they’ve created a character that will surely stand next to the greats for years to come.

The story starts off meeting this new, enigmatic character, Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, as he begins to recount his lifetime of hunting evil to a journalist. We’re taken immediately to a point when he was a “young man of 58” and the tale of visiting a friend who corresponded to tell him of some strange occurrences taking place. A child missing, a mysterious black dog with glowing eyes, and strange and gruesome murders of men.

Upon arriving at the home of his friend, Olivia Sparrow, he is characteristically skeptical. The strange thing is, we the reader understand immediately that this is his character despite previous introduction. In a few pages of panels, and even less dialogue, we are given such a full picture of the Duke we understand completely that he would be a skeptic, as well as determined and inquisitive. It demonstrates excellent writing and art (Piotr Kowalski) that we have such an image of the character without a lot of needless exposition.

Our intrepid protagonist sets out to investigate at a local mine where some of the vents have taken place. He finds animal prints, a raven who says yes or no in German, and a book containing some clues to these mysteries, however, his investigation is cut short by a chase from the black dog from the reports. He narrowly escapes and makes it back to Sparrow’s manor when he is given yet another mysterious question to answer.

The Duke of Wellington is a dry, sardonic, witty, and altogether enjoyable character. Dawson’s skill in creating memorable characters is evident as well as Mahnke’s experience in crafting stories of lore. While in this first issue it would be more akin to a gothic mystery than a true horror, I have no doubt that the next issues will show this to be a horror story set to sit alongside Murder’s in the Rue Morgue or Hound of the Baskervilles. If you love classic horror as much as I do, then this is an issue you need to go and get quickly.

Wellington #1

From Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the Lore podcast, comes an amazing new supernatural thriller that shines a light on the mysteries and monsters lurking in the shadows.

Meet the Duke of Wellington—one of England’s most decorated military heroes and, unknown to most, her most daring monster hunter.

The secret history of the Duke of Wellington begins here!

You can buy Wellington #1 from IDW Publishing

A. S. MacKenzie

A. S. MacKenzie is an Atlanta based author who loves all things books, movies, games, and comics. He lives with his wife, spoiled dogs, and an unhealthy obsession with building things. He can be found building worlds in books, building plastic models, or building with wood. Check out his website at asmackenzie.com for ways to join his newsletter and read free stories. Also, he’s been known to frequent Twitter (@a_s_mackenzie) to say something vaguely interesting and Instagram (a.s.mackenzie) for food, travel, and random pics.

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