{Book Review} We Will Find A Place For You: Elford Alley

We Will Find A Place For You: Elford Alley

Reviewed By Ksenia Murray

Elford Alley’s newest horror collection, We Will Find a Place for You, grabbed me from the very beginning with the first story My child. The book opened with a short paragraph micro-horror story that was riveting and which set the tone of the rest of book: death and the afterlife. This collection not only has horror short stories, but micro-horror stories, two plays, and a novella. I have yet to read a horror collection this diverse regarding the layout of the collection.

A few of my favorites in this collection are as follows: We Will Find a Place for You, a short story about child loss in the second person. I enjoyed this story because it felt like someone was talking to me, telling me about their experiences. A Tree of Stone hooked me with its premise of a tree that sucks the life out of people. The Visitors is another one that I enjoyed purely on the premise alone: elves. I also enjoyed the two plays, Learned Executioners and Ghosts.

Now that the good is out of the way, let’s get started with the bad. Some of the stories just fell flat for me. It is normal for horror collections and anthologies to have stories that aren’t amazing sandwiched in between stories that are, as this book has a few duds. Some of the stories I would argue don’t belong in this collection as they aren’t even horror at all. And lastly, some of the stories just relied on regular horror tropes that we’ve seen time and time again.

Overall, this collection gets a four out of five stars from me. The stories that were amazing really hit it out of the ballpark for me. I liked how the stories flowed one into the other and how they all had the same overarching theme. I would definitely recommend this collection to anyone who is fascinated with different takes on death and the afterlife.

We Will Find A Place For You

A grieving father attempts the unthinkable to keep his child alive.

A contractor discovers a secret in the soil of a haunted house.

A community faces a plague after a drought-stricken lake reveals a forgotten cemetery.

We Will Find a Place for You is a collection of horror stories about the inevitable, and the lengths we will go to avoid it. But trying to cheat death only invites greater horrors from the void. Enjoy twenty-three terrifying tales from the author of the acclaimed collections The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories, Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror, and Find Us and Other Stories.

Remember, there’s a place for you too in the void.

You can buy We Will Find A Place For You from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Ksenia Murray

Ksenia Murray hails from Oklahoma but moves around constantly. Shes currently writing another novel after having published The Cave and Compendium of Creatures. You can find Ksenia tucked away from the madness of the world with her husband, Chris, and her two pets Cricket and Citrus.

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