{Book Review} We Need To Do Something: Max Booth III

We Need To Do Something: Max Booth III

Reviewed By The Grim Reader

Months spent locked away inside an isolation chamber where social distancing became a new way of life meant plenty of time for reflection for the Grim Reader. There has also been plenty of time for reading. One of my recent reads was the latest novella from Max Booth III called We Need to Do Something. Yes, we do, and so do you, you need to buy this book.

We all know the world is a terrible, terrible place. People are going nuts, there’s a pandemic, no football, world leaders are saying it’s okay to inject yourself with bleach, even Home and Away might be put on hold! Social distancing is the new norm, and now we have to spend more time with our family…great!

Fortunately, Max Booth III has a new book to help guide us through this delicate situation. In keeping with the current stay-at-home or get fined/die climate, Booth has delivered a tale about a family trapped in their bathroom after a tornado strikes. A fallen tree blocks their route to the outside world, and as the wheel of time grinds on, relationships become strained, dad runs out of booze, and things rapidly deteriorate.

We Need to Do Something is the perfect quarantine read. Whether you’re trying to escape Covid-19, a plague of locusts, the zombie apocalypse, or just people in general, you need this book in your life. The family’s relationships and the subsequent collapse lie at the heart of the novella. Booth’s dark humour is sprinkled throughout and Max is on top of his game.

Poor decisions are made, and spiralling into madness and horror oblivion seems only too plausible given their dire circumstances. We Need to Do Something is brilliant. From very early on, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. The dialogue is true, the pace is great, and the laughs don’t get in the way of it being a terrifying read. So, stock up on Spam, grab yourself a copy and get reading.

5/5 overpriced toilet rolls from the Grim Reader.

We Need To Do Something

A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning.

You can buy We Need To Do Something from Amazon UK & Amazon US

The Grim Reader

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