{Book Review} Warding: Kev Harrison

Warding: Kev Harrison

Reviewed By Becca Futrell

Warding by Kev Harrison was recently published in 2017 in an anthology titled, Below the Stairs: Tales from the Cellar, but with the goal of getting it back into the reading world, Harrison independently republished this fifty-five page short through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

A tidbit that I really enjoyed about the book itself is that the cover, designed by Owen Baily-Burne, is packed with Easter eggs from the story. Once I reached the end, I definitely returned to the cover to see what I can point out. I probably missed a lot, but there were things on the cover that I didn’t notice upon original observation.

In Warding, we are introduced to the main character, Kate, and her dog, Tigger. The human/pet duo has just moved into their new house, but unfortunately, there’s a few things stopping them from feeling truly at home. Kate discovers a black cat, etched with symbols, has been buried in the wall.

After having this unexpected guest removed from her property, things start to get a bit crazy in the house; this is when Warding truly begins.

Admittedly, my attention did waver a few times throughout this short tale; which is really unfortunate because it is so short. But when Harrison did have my attention in his grasp, Warding felt like a solid witch/ghost story. There were moments during the read that I felt uncomfortable and creeped out. At one point, I even uttered what the heck!. Warding definitely knows how to crawl under the reader’s skin.

Warding really pays off in the end. Readers witness a final battle, where you really just don’t know what’s going to happen next. This scene did keep me on the edge of my seat.

I really enjoyed the ending and the resolution to Warding; I can’t say that I expected it, but it was very satisfying for me and shows that Kev Harrison can definitely jump back into this tale if he wanted to.


“When Kate moves into her new home, she is looking for a fresh start. All that changes when her dog, Tigger, starts digging at a wall in the basement. The rank smell gives way to a medieval relic pertaining to witchcraft and superstition. But, in this modern age, such things can be seen for what they are: pure hokum…

Can’t they?”

You can buy Warding from Amazon UK Amazon US

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