{Book Review} Tooth & Claw: Dave Jeffery

Tooth & Claw: Dave Jeffery

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Ah, nothing like falling into another amazing werewolf book, am I right?

Tooth & Claw’ isn’t my first go-around with Jeffery’s writing, but if this was to be your first, you are in for a treat.

The story opens up quickly – an exhilarating prologue throws us into some action.

We then learn some back story about a key character – Rothschild.

From there, Jeffery rockets us back and forth between two storylines that eventually merge.

The first storyline is Rothschild, a career criminal of immense wealth, who is hosting a unique illegal hunt on his acreage. The best of the best have purchased a seat at the table and when they see the thing they will be hunting down, none of them can believe it.

The second storyline follows an undercover officer, Ian, who has infiltrated the compound, pretending to be a member of the waiting staff. He is building a case to bring down Rothschild, only to inadvertently fall in love.

Jeffery really does a great job building the two storylines up before all hell breaks loose.

The hunters that are gathered are great characters. We get to see their human side and why they are in this situation as well as get to understand some of their motives, even if they all make it known that now they don’t possess much in the way of morals.

The action scenes were great and as the plot moves along, the werewolf really does a great job of being both a functional character as well as a set-piece. I thought Jeffery did a great job using both sides of that.

I think the only minor gripe I had was the hunting scenes felt a bit short and at times rushed. I wished there would have been more of a lead into each hunter coming across the werewolf, but that’s minor.

Overall, had an absolute blast with this one and if you love werewolf fiction as much as I do – definitely give this one a whirl!

Tooth & Claw

There’s no place quite like Cofton Grange. Set in twelve-hundred acres of hills and woodland, it is a playground for the wealthy where, for the right price, every desire is made a reality.

Tonight is special; a group of hunters have bought into the most exclusive contest, the opportunity to track and kill a fantastic and terrifying creature not of this Earth. The stakes are high, each competitor determined to claim the kudos that will come from taking down their incredible prey.

But as the moon rises and the pursuit begins, each hunter is about to find out that sometimes there are fiercer things than the competition.

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