{Book Review} Things That Don’t Belong In The Light: Matt Starr

Things That Don’t Belong In The Light: Matt Starr

Reviewed By Ksenia Murray

Things That Don’t Belong in the Dark by Matt Starr is a collection of short stories based around people’s greatest fears. Several of the stories had me on the edge of my seat and it’ll have you begging for more once you’re finished. Now, is this an original idea? No, it isn’t. There’s several other anthologies or collections with the same premise but what this collection does right is just how personal Matt Starr makes the characters.

What I liked: the first short story, Debris, is my favorite of the stories. It follows a young man whose mother is dying and there’s a tornado coming. But the young man has a big fear of tornados due to a childhood incident so he has to face his fear once again. I loved how in-depth the characters were and just how raw the story felt.

What I didn’t like: the only thing I can say is that someone the pacing for the stories didn’t make sense. Some scenes I was hoping for a faster pace that was slower and vice versa.

All and all this is a great debut collection and I recommend it to anyone who loves the premise of phobias as a collection.

Things That Don’t Belong In The Light

What is your deepest fear? Things that exist in plain sight?
Those that hide in the darkest corners of your soul?

Our deepest fears come in many forms. The seen and the hidden.
The real and the imagined. The flesh and the incorporeal.
Between the covers of this book, you’ll find a bit of all this.
Monsters, real and imagined. The familiar and the alien.
So open the book. Be prepared to confront your worst fears.

Things That Don’t Belong in the Light

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Ksenia Murray

Ksenia Murray hails from Oklahoma but moves around constantly. She’s currently writing another novel after having published The Cave and Compendium of Creatures. You can find Ksenia tucked away from the madness of the world with her husband, Chris, and her two pets Cricket and Citrus.

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