{Book Review} The Watcher In The Woods: Charlotte Bond

The Watcher In The Woods: Charlotte Bond

Reviewed By Steve Stred

‘The Watcher in the Woods’ is my first experience with Black Shuck Books Shadow series, but after reading this collection and seeing the stellar lineup of authors that have previously released through it, I’ll definitely be checking more out.

What I liked: The collection is made up of retelling/re-imagining of classic folk tales. Bond does a fantastic job of making each one darker and more sinister and the opening story ‘Hessian Sky‘ made sure to grab the reader by the throat and really introduce us to what we should expect. I loved this story and absolutely loved her take on ‘The Wild Hunt,’ setting it during Christmas which really made for some snowy carnage. Each story was good, and I loved the afterword that gave some background on each.

What I didn’t like: While I loved those two stories, the rest were decent and with any collection, I found a bit of disconnect with ‘A Wolf in the House,’ but others may adore that story.

Why you should buy it: The collection was a quick read and I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting female authors to read, and Charlotte had a fantastic writing voice and style. As I mentioned, Black Shuck Books has compiled a stunning list of authors and if this is any indication of the direction they all take, you’d be wrong to overlook it.

The Watcher In The Woods

A series of micro-collections featuring a selection of peculiar tales from the best in horror and speculative fiction.

You can buy The Watcher In The Woods from Amazon UK

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