{Book Review} The Walking Son: Eddie Generous

The Walking Son: Eddie Generous

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Usually, I try and dive into new Eddie Generous books as soon as I can, simply because I’m a big fan of his work. I snagged a copy of ‘The Walking Son’ but then didn’t manage to get to it for about a month.

This is a quick, fast, pedal-to-the-metal read. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect with this one. The synopsis itself does a pretty solid job of hiding the truth of the story, but not in a bad way.

What I liked: The story picks up when Stephen, our MC, gets a call late at night from his two business partners. They’ve hit and killed somebody on the road. A hitchhiker they don’t recognize. Stephen helps them dispose of the body at the apartment complex they are building. But it’s when the coins the man possesses are divided between the three that a curse passes and a countdown until their demise begins.

This was so much fun. Generous keeps the tension high throughout, even when we ultimately learn the truth of the individual known as The Walking Son and the horrors they, themselves, experienced.

I really enjoyed the small-town aspect that was included here. It made the early decisions and actions that much more believable. Especially when the changes ultimately occur.

What I didn’t like: There were a couple of random oddities that seemed to sidetrack the truth of the coins or the narrative, but ultimately I let it pass and didn’t allow it to bog me down.

Why you should buy this: This is one of Generous’ best releases thus far. It reads as though he went on a late-night bender and had the words splatter forth on the keyboard. It’s a joy to read and a blast to rip through. A quick story that packs a wallop, definitely one people should check out.

The Walking Son

Stephen Barber has done, in hindsight, something very foolish. Investing his life savings, heirloom book collection, and all the blood, sweat, and tears he could wring out into an apartment complex development. Taking on financial partners was supposed to lessen the risk, but when a worksite accident leads to a dead hitchhiker with a pocket full of strange coins, those same partners draw him into an ill-advised cover up and soon find themselves in the grip of a travelling curse born of old, deep wounds.

Now Stephen is changing, transforming. He’s seen what happened to his partners and knows the clock is counting down. The future he risked everything for is swept away as he embarks on a road trip to uncover the history of the hitchhiker, and reverse his terrifying metamorphosis before time runs out.

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