{Book Review} The Tunnelers: Geoff Gander

The Tunnelers: Geoff Gander

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I love getting emails from out of the blue from authors who have either found me on Barks fantastic reviewing list, seen my reviews here on Kendall Reviews or came across my own website.

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I received a kind email from Geoff asking if I’d be willing to take a look at his novella ‘The Tunnelers.’ I cursory glance at the synopsis on Goodreads had me reply with an ‘absolutely,’ and once he sent it over I devoured this.

What I liked: The story is a great take on a Native American myth. I did do some googling to see if it was rooted in truth but struck out. Not to say this doesn’t exist, but after reading this fast-paced horror story, I was hoping to fall down a rabbit’s hole of mythology based around these mysterious creatures who dig beneath our feet. Told in journal entry form (something I typically detest but it worked like a hot damn here) we find out the story of a psychiatrist who begins to analyse a patient who has been admitted into the psych ward. They’ve blocked out the horrific events that led them to become a patient, but as the doctor dives deeper, the fantastic truth emerges.

What I didn’t like: it was a minor thing, but the book is essentially told in 1st person point of view twice. Through the writer of the book in the foreword and epilogue and in 1st person of the doctor in the journal. It had to be done, but some folks may not be a fan of this.

Why you should buy it: don’t let the page count fool you. I’m still struggling to believe that this book was only 50 or so pages long. So much is packed into it and as it goes along and we learn more and more, I was gobsmacked with the little details Gander sprinkled throughout.

I really wish this book was four or five times the length and we learned more or had a re-visit to the site where things went down. Maybe Gander will return, maybe he won’t, but until then, this is a must-read.

The Tunnelers

When a traumatized mining foreman is placed under the psychiatric care of Dr. Vincent Armstrong, the doctor thinks he has started just another shift. But as the victim begins to remember what drove him temporarily insane, Armstrong’s interest becomes personal, and he makes a series of discoveries that threaten to tear apart his carefully constructed scientific view of the world, and show in horrifying clarity that his patient is anything but delusional.

As Armstrong’s world falls apart, his recovering patient learns that he has not escaped the horrors he encountered underground, and that no place on earth is truly safe from the “Tunnelers.”

You can buy The Tunnelers from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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