{Book Review} The Passengers You Cannot See: The Behrg

The Passengers You Cannot See: The Behrg

Reviewed By Steve Stred


So, I’ve been following Mr. The Behrg for a while on social media and at some point we really connected and we’ve worked well to support each other when the occasion arises.

Saying that, I was still blown away when he messaged me and asked if I’d be willing to read and review his short story ‘One Star.’ It was fantastic and when he mentioned it was going to be part of a full collection, I was intrigued.

KR: You can read the Kendall Review for One Star HERE

Then, a few weeks back, he messaged again and asked if I’d be willing to give the collection a read which I gladly accepted. I had tried to get this read and reviewed to coincide with the recent cover reveal, but I ended up taking too long! Apologies! (KR: A suitable punishment has been given to Steve)

What I liked: Most people know I love super dark, bleak, devastating works and ‘The Passengers…’ ticked off all of those boxes. The opening ‘Driven’ acts as both story one but also an introduction/prologue for what you are about to get yourself into.

No story in this collection I had rated lower than a 4, most were 4.5 or 5 and as I typically try and do, I’ll rate one at a 10 so that when I go back into my notes I’ll know which was my stand out. I actually had two 10’s in this one!

Of course, ‘One Star’ was excellent, so if you’ve read that already, you’ll have a good feeling for what you are in for. ‘The Trophy Thief’ was a fun ride with a psychopath and ‘Scabs’ and ‘These Concrete Walls’ made sure to keep me deeply unsettled.

The two standouts for me were ‘Every House is Haunted’ and ‘Patterns.’

Every House is Haunted’ felt like a fever dream. A person talking to ghosts, needs to move but can they escape? Are they a ghost? Just drenched in despair. Loved it.

Patterns.’ I can’t really describe. This one was amazing. A person gets questioned about the deaths of others. When someone new comes into contact with them, they all will die in the same way the same number of days after meeting the person. That’s all I can give you! Freaking awesome.

What I didn’t like: I think some people may struggle with how deep and dark this book goes time and time again. It’s definitely not a single sitting read. You’ll want to sit and think on some of them, and while I can’t say “I didn’t like that” for some that may make this a very disturbing read.

Why you should buy this: It really is an outstanding collection and The Berhg is a fantastic writer. He creates harrowing characters and the atmosphere in these stories are individually electric. Each one on their own created so many questions and when you read the back story about how he struggled with depression and worked his way back out of that hole, you can really appreciate that thought that went into each and every story.

This was a fantastic collection. This works well as both an introduction to his writing as well as another great addition for current fans. I know this group of stories has made me want to dive into more of his work.

KR: The blog is very proud to feature a guest post from The Behrg on mental health. You can read that HERE

The Passengers You Cannot See

Every story has its beginning and end. But some stories won’t let go. Some stories dig their claws into you. They infect your dreams. They carve out a residence in your mind. They become passengers . . .

Ones that never leave.

Within this collection of short stories by esteemed horror author The Behrg you will discover a haunted house that is not quite what it seems. A trophy collector who prefers living statues to cold ones. A truck driver who, with one good deed, finds more than he bargained for. And a world where happiness can no longer be felt.

Light and darkness. Hope and despair. Depravities and humanity. These passengers and more await. And they’ve been sharpening their claws to greet you.

You can buy The Passengers You Cannot See from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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