{Book Review} The Nightmare Brigade: The Girl from Deja Vu

The Nightmare Brigade: The Girl from Deja Vu

Franck Thilliez (author) • Yomgui Dumont (art) • Drac (color) • Papercutz Graphic Novels

Reviewed By A.S. MacKenzie

Anyone who has spent time around me knows I am a big believer in the medium of graphic novels. It doesn’t matter your age, reading level, or interest, there is a graphic novel out there for you and I highly encourage you to get out there and start reading them. You’re missing a lot of outstanding storytelling by passing on them.

A great example of that is this book from Papercut.

This middle-grade graphic novel is about a young team of two teenagers who, with the help of a professor who invented the technology, can enter the dreams of other kids to help them fight debilitating nightmares. The professor is the dad of one, and the adopted dad of the other, as well as the one who runs the institute they work out of, and believe me, there is SOOOoooo much more to this guy and the institute than just this simple description.

In this highly imaginative story, we have some great work by the author to help readers see there is a way to interpret their nightmares to find a real-world cause, something that is a high concept but told very well to the age group. At no point was the story talking down to middle-grade readers but instead gave them the information and concepts in approachable terms that made the story flow exceedingly well.

In this first (of I hope very many) volumes, there is honestly WAY more story than I can give a synopsis for in just a couple paragraphs. Let me just say, I didn’t feel like it was a middle-grade story as I read it. It flowed well and easy and made for a great read for this (much) older reader. I’m going to happily read any more stories in this series and highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of age.

And not to miss praising the artwork, either. The art style is at once familiar, interesting, creative, and an integral part of the feel of the story. Yomgui is certainly someone I am going to look for in the future, along with Drac’s color choices and skill.

The Nightmare Brigade

These kids can insert themselves into your dreams and fix whatever gives you nightmares!

The Nightmare Brigade is a dream team led by Professor Angus. With his two young sidekicks, 14 year-olds Esteban and Tristan, they have one goal: help people get rid of their worst nightmares.

With unique skills, the team members can literally infiltrate their patient’s nightmare to seek its root and destroy the cause. Things are shaken up a bit, however, when they meet the young Sarah.

The Brigade has a feeling they have seen her before…

Then, an insomniac is invading other’s dreams.

How does he do it and how can he be stopped?

It’s a paranormal story you won’t want to sleep on!

You can buy The Nightmare Brigade from Amazon UK & Amazon US

A. S. MacKenzie

A. S. MacKenzie is an Atlanta based author who loves all things books, movies, games, and comics. He lives with his wife, spoiled dogs, and an unhealthy obsession with building things. He can be found building worlds in books, building plastic models, or building with wood. Check out his website at asmackenzie.com for ways to join his newsletter and read free stories. Also, he’s been known to frequent Twitter (@a_s_mackenzie) to say something vaguely interesting and Instagram (a.s.mackenzie) for food, travel, and random pics.

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