{Book Review} The Night Creatures: Lee Allen Howard

Short Sharp Shocks! #54

The Night Creatures: Lee Allen Howard

Reviewed By Steve Stred

There’s always something about things that go bump in the night. It grabs the reader and draws us in with equal parts excitement and fright! What could it be? What’s going to happen?

This is the premise Howard takes and runs with in ‘The Night Creatures,’ another addition to the growing Short! Sharp! Shocks! series from Demain Publishing.

What I liked: The story comes out full gallop. A wife refuses to sleep, things come for her each night.

Howard does a great job of letting us watch the madness descend. I felt for the husband, I really did, but more of me wanted see just what was coming for her, what were the things in the dark?

As things grow worse and our characters have to deal with some horrific things (gotta love the spoiler-free stuff, eh? Haha!) we get to see another level of dread which really worked well for the ending.

What I didn’t like: It’s been 24 hours since I finished reading this story and I’m struggling to remember most of what happened. I actually had to pop my Kindle open and scan through to fill in some details. The story itself was fun, but the details that had us go from A to B to C didn’t create a memorable read, sadly.

Why you should buy it: Overall this was an enjoyably quick read, where things get out of control quickly. I enjoyed the darkness, for sure, but ultimately was left wanting a bit more.

Short Sharp Shocks! #54

The Night Creatures: Lee Allen Howard

“The Night Creatures” is about a husband who denies his wife a simple pleasure and ends up succumbing to her nightmares…

(cover by Adrian Baldwin)

You can buy The Night Creatures from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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