{Book Review} The Making Of Gabriel Davenport: Beverly Lee

The Making Of Gabriel Davenport: Beverly Lee

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Through Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been able to connect with the lovely Beverley Lee. I’d been meaning to get to reading ‘The Making of Gabriel Davenport’ for some time now, which I’m happy to say, it’s finally arrived on my TBR.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in. I’ve really loved Lee’s ‘One Line Horror Stories’ etc tweets, but as some of you may have seen, I’m a bit tired of the entire vampire genre. It takes a bit to get me excited about anything Vampire or Zombies these days.

Knowing how fantastic of a writer Lee is, this really settled my doubts and I jumped feet first into the deep end.

What I liked: I mean, wow. The characters and the development we see in each one is phenomenal. The setting is top-notch creepy and there were moments that had me realizing how on edge I was. Lee built a fine level of suspense throughout – the ever-growing sense that something horrific was about to happen. The story itself is literally the title of the book. We see young Gabe start out life, then when fate conspires against his family, he’s taken in and raised nearby. I don’t want to say too much here, because some of it will start to give you unneeded preconceived notions of what will happen.

Lee peppered this story with so many moments of gothic imagery, it was amazing and the symbolism throughout must have been a plotting nightmare!

What I didn’t like: When you enjoy a book, it can be hard to find something without appearing to nit-pick. I think the only bit I really wasn’t a fan of was some moments of slow down at the beginning where I was hoping to learn more about the old house and Gabe’s family. I won’t discuss whether you do later on, but at the beginning, I almost felt like I’d skipped a chapter.

Why you should buy it: Do you like vampires? Gothic creepiness? Supporting fantastic women in horror? If so, this ticks all three boxes.

This was a great character study and as it leads into a second book, the series looks to be fully blossoming and don’t worry, Lee has many surprises throughout!

The Making Of Gabriel Davenport

Something is waiting for its time to rise.

Beth and Stu Davenport moved to the sleepy English village of Meadowford Bridge to give their young son, Gabriel, an idyllic childhood. But one night a hidden, ancient darkness shatters their dream and changes their lives forever.

Years later, Gabriel searches for answers about his mysterious past. His life unravels as he discovers that the people he loves and trusts harbour sinister secrets of their own. As the line blurs between shadow and light; and he becomes the prize in a deadly nocturnal game, Gabriel must confront the unrelenting, malevolent force that destroyed his family all those years ago.

His choice: place his trust in a master vampire, or give himself to the malignant darkness.
Is there a lesser of two evils—and how do you choose?

You can buy The Making Of Gabriel Davenport from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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