{Book Review} The Lupin Project: Allan Leverone

The Lupin Project: Allan Leverone

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Silver Shamrock has really done a great job of bringing new and exciting writers to readers attention while also featuring the veterans who we have already grown to love.

As a big-time fan of wolf/werewolf books as well as secret lab-based plots, I was excited to dive into this one. The synopsis was intriguing. A facility on the outskirts of town is modifying wolves to control them. I was hooked and dove in. 

What I liked: The opening of this one was fantastic. We got to see a controlled test being done within the facility as well as a heart-pounding (if not done over and over again) scene where two teens head out into the middle of nowhere to get handsy and be alone. Being a horror book, of course something interrupts them. I loved the book, but truthfully, only up until this point. From here I no longer connected nor found it engaging.

What I didn’t like: Sadly, from the point where our female character enters the police station on, I just struggled to engage and enjoy the book. The dialog and interaction between the sheriff and the girl not only came off as forced but also set off every foreshadowing redflag ever. I knew exactly what was to come from that moment on and it unfolded as planned. I also found, even for a shorter book, there were spots that became really repetitive. To share a specific moment, when we read about the designer/project leaders history and working up to this moment with the wolves, it became a pattern of the same paragraphs over and over, just reworded or shuffled around. 

Why you should buy this: I did not have a fun time with this. Saying that, the gore was great, the project intriguing and the setting was a lot of fun. What didn’t work for me may very well be the reason this becomes one of your own all-time fav books. In this case, I would label this an ok read, but one that if you’re on the fence, you may want to deep dive into a number of reviews and see if something clicks to make you take the leap.

The Lupin Project

When eighteen-year-old high school senior Eddie Senna drives down a long-abandoned logging trail with his girlfriend, all he’s looking for is a little privacy.

What he finds instead is a horror beyond all imagination. Because the trail ends just behind the Tamerlane Research Facility, a super-secret lab where experiments in animal neural conditioning are being conducted.

And the animals have gotten loose.

And they’re far more intelligent – and far more deadly – than anyone realizes.

After an unthinkable tragedy, it falls to Eddie’s girlfriend Alicia and older brother Rob to undertake a desperate search for answers. But a very powerful person is determined to cover up the details of the tragedy.

That person is vicious and amoral.

And he’s closing in on Alicia and Rob…

You can buy The Lupin Project from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Steve Stred

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