{Book Review} The Lodge: Chris Coppel

The Lodge: Chris Coppel

Reviewed By Yvonne Miller

The devil is always in the details and The Lodge dishes them out like a nice steak dinner…ahem, perhaps the wrong pun. Life is a revolving door and Coppel manages to intermingle different plot lines that unravel when you least expect it. He is masterfully adept at weaving societal and conscientious topics that not only question your way of life but have you examining the lasting impact of said choices. If you’re a fan of the closed-door mystery with a large helping of horror, then you are going to want to pick this up immediately.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked up The Lodge, but my expectations were soon realized. The reader is immediately thrown onto a dark, cold and mysterious path. Get the hat and gloves out because the sinister narrative will seep into your very core. My blood began to run cold, as I imagined the wind biting at my exposed flesh as if I were transported to the highlands. The plot is so raw and gritty which translates into a fully immersive reading experience. A few words were all it took to be sitting in The Lodge fearing for my life.

Andrew is a fascinating character. He’s had a hellish life and his life experiences have catapulted him towards a career in the police force. A graduate in the police force hungers for action in the big cities but Andrew is content with the quiet, his first posting being in a rural station in Kingussie. He lost his parents when he was twelve in a horrific road traffic accident. They were hit by an animal carrier, the devastation and destruction wrought on his family is absolute.

The Lodge is bleeding in its authenticity. Past wrongs implicate and really come back to bite you on the ass. The animals are fighting back. Helen and Leon have organized an inclusive Christmas package at the newly refurbished Lodge. No expense spared and the guests are all hunters, expecting well, to hunt. Little did they expect to become the hunted. A gory tale of revenge and grief, the story developed a life of its own and grabbed me by the throat. It wasn’t just the death and bloodshed that had me hooked – it was the exploration of Andrews mind that gave it greater depth.

The Lodge reminded me of an Agatha Christie type of closed-door mystery and teamed with the horror and gore left me salivating. It ended up being a Tour-de-force, an imaginative blend of suspense and grit.

The Lodge

Ever wondered what it would be like if hunted animals were able to fight back?

The Lodge unveils the mystery of a hunting lodge in the remote hills of the Scottish Highlands during the Christmas holidays. After the report of an accidental death at the lodge, Andrew, a young constable from the nearest town, drives up through a growing blizzard.

Snowbound, Andrew and the guests take cover at the lodge as the terrifying ordeal unfolds. These animals have souls. Souls that won’t rest until they’ve had revenge…

But will the hunters become the hunted?.

You can buy The Lodge from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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