{Book Review} The Fall Of Deadworld – Book 3: Kek-W (Writer) & Dave Kendall (Artist)

The Fall Of Deadworld – Book 3

Kek-W (Writer)

Dave Kendall (Artist)

Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

The Fall of Deadworld continues the horrifying story of what really happened on the Dark Judges’ homeworld of Deadworld, long before their showdown with Judge Dredd in Mega City One.

This is the third outing for writer Kek-W and artist Dave Kendall, a pretty impressive run for what started out as a gritty one-off story conceived by Kendall and written by Kek-W about the Dark Judges.

Dredd creator, John Wagner, covered this ground thirty years ago, with his darkly humorous story about Sidney, the son of a dentist, who realises that crime is committed by those who live, so surely life should be a crime too? No humour in Kek-W and Kendall’s vision though, a truly terrifying vision of death, made all the more horrifying with Kendall’s astonishing art and Kek-W’s chaotic and shocking script.

Deadworld is a parallel world to Earth, and the parallel’s go beyond the flora and fauna, primarily a Judge system, desperately trying to retain control of Judge Death and his brothers Fear, Fire and Mortis, hell-bent on destroying all. Whilst the Judges try, and fail, to fight back, Judge Fairfax and a family of farmers attempt to escape from the chaos and destruction being wrought all around. But where can you go and what hope is there when all around you is being consumed by the hordes of evil?

Fall of Deadworld truly is the stuff of nightmares. Kendall’s intense and horrific depictions fester a sense of unease in the reader, amplified by Kew-W convoluted and scattergun script. Such is this chaos, both in a visual and storyline sense, that sometimes it’s hard to follow exactly what is happening to whom and why. This, in turn, further contributes to the unease and uncertainly on the part of the reader.

So vivid and awful a vision, Fall of Deadworld is one of those stories which thrill and entertain so much, but which you are happy to close at the end of it. One to read with the lights on and the windows and doors locked.

The Fall Of Deadworld: Book 3

Can humanity escape the icy clutches of Death?

The psychotic Chief Judge Casey Tweed has dethroned and killed Judge Death and taken over Death’s mission to murder every living creature on the planet. The neighbouring Soviets have seen the chaos as an ideal time to launch an attack on their American enemies.

As numerous battles rage a small group of rebels led by Judge Fairfax – some living, some already turned into the undead – launch a desperate effort to save their city from being converted into a necropolis, but it all seems too little too late.

The Dark Judges are already spreading their contagion across the globe and in the depths of space, exterminating all life under the orders of Chief Judge Tweed.

However, both the forces of death and the forces of life about to learn, just because Judge Death is dead, doesn’t mean that he is gone…

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