{Book Review} The Adventures Of Mr Polkington: Tina Rath

The Adventures Of Mr Polkington: Tina Rath

Reviewed By Madeleine Swann

I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised, despite some on the nose additions such as a housekeeper called Mrs Wiggins who loves the royal family and a shop with nefarious goings-on called Le Fanu.

There are three stories included. Although the endings are quite similar and somewhat rushed, and the final conflicts are resolved a little too easily, it’s good light-hearted fun and left me with a warm feeling. I can’t cope with anything too bleak right now, as I’m sure is the same for many of you, so a finale in which tea cakes are consumed and characters care about each other is very welcome.

There are some wonderfully Victorian phrases, such as,

“Who gave you the power to see me as I am?” the creature demanded, staring at him. “You are no adept.”

No, indeed,” said Mr Polkington firmly. 

Whatever an adept was, it did not sound the right thing for a respectable man to be. 

It has eccentric characters, a controversial artist, a hypnotist and, most importantly, tea and cake. If future stories upped the ante in the final scenes, there could be some longevity in the series and I would read it.

The Adventures Of Mr Polkington

A series of micro-collections featuring a selection of peculiar tales from the best in horror and speculative fiction.

From Black Shuck Books and Tina Rath comes The Adventures of Mr Polkington, the eighteenth in the Black Shuck SHADOWS series.

You can buy The Adventures Of Mr Polkington from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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