{Book Review} Spicy Constellation & Other Recipes: Chad Lutzke

Spicy Constellation & Other Recipes: Chad Lutzke

Reviewed By Aiden Merchant

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 165 pages

This is my first time reading Lutzke, though he’s been on my watch list for the past six months (since joining the social media world of the #writingcommunity). That being said, it will not be my last.

The charm of Lutzke is his blend of horror, humor, and heart (the three H’s). This collection of stories may be short, but it made me laugh, love, and cringe throughout. It’s not gross horror either (thank you!), but dark nevertheless.

Whether it be feeding on new friends, trying to kill little brothers, making deals with a foul-smelling devil, following a trail of falling maggots, or waiting to catch your father’s ghost, there was a lot of joy to be found here. And it’s a very good thing when you can say that about a horror collection. It’s one thing to gross out or scare someone – comes with the territory – but it’s SPECIAL when you can make them feel something as bizarre as happiness as well. How many horror writers leave you genuinely smiling (and not just because you enjoy reading death)?

I will certainly be diving into more Lutzke in the near future, no doubt about that!

Spicy Constellation & Other Recipes

The author of Stirring the Sheets and Of Foster Homes & Flies explores both the dark and humorous in 12 never-before-published stories that ask questions like:

What’s that poking up from the lake?

Are we on drugs?

Where’s the body?

What does human taste like?

Why isn’t Grandpa moving?

Where are the maggots coming from?

You can buy Spicy Constellation from Amazon UK Amazon US

Aiden Merchant

Aiden Merchant is an independent author, working under various pseudonyms. He writes horror, suspense, drama, science fiction, fantasy, and whatever else fuels him on any given day. He currently has one collection of short stories available (Dead As Soon As Born).

His next story collection, KILL FOR THEM, will release in September. Before 2019 ends, there will also be some Kindle Singles along the way.

Under his real name, Aiden has been a music journalist since 2008, appearing in such international articles as Alternative Press and Outburn Magazine. Though his days of hitting the road for shows and festivals has since passed, music is still a passion of his that taught him how to write in a critical manner. Reviewing stories is still new to him, but he is very much interested in developing a style of his own.

Aiden is a father of one, married, and living in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee (USA). He is originally from further north, as is his wife. He loves to write, read, and explore the outdoors.

Website www.aidenmerchant.com

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Dead As Soon As Born

There is evil inside us all, and no one lives forever.

In this debut collection of short stories from Aiden Merchant, you will bear witness to murderers, monsters, and other horrors.

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