{Book Review} Slaves To Gravity: Wesley Southard & Somer Canon

Slaves To Gravity: Wesley Southard & Somer Canon

Reviewed By Miranda Crites

Charlie wakes up in the hospital, her life forever changed. There’s been an accident, and the life she once knew is gone. Once a contractor, now a paraplegic, bound to a wheelchair for life, she truly believed her life was over.

After returning home, one night she discovered she could fly. At first, it scared her, but it soon gave new meaning to her broken life.

It wasn’t long before she discovered she wasn’t alone in the sky. She found a group of other damaged people who could fly, too. But she was given warnings.

Of course, nothing good ever comes along without something terrible wanting to stop you from having a good time. There are horrible creatures–enemies–who don’t want Charlie or her friends in the sky. They’re willing to do anything to keep them from flying.

Canon and Southard pack a ton, literally two-thousand pounds, of action and mind-bending horror into these 145 pages. Boom. Boom. Boom. I actually read the entire book in a day, which, for me, should be some kind of record.

While the book was fun and enjoyable, the cosmic horror flavor, sci-fi and fantasy aspects, and bizarreness of the creatures was a bit out of my realm.

Slaves To Gravity: Wesley Southard & Somer Canon

After waking up in a hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down, Charlie Snyder had no idea where life would take her. Dejected, broken, and permanently bound to a wheelchair, she believed her life was truly over. That is…until gravity no longer applied.

It started out slow. Floating from room to room. Menial tasks without assistance. When she decided to venture outside and take some real risks with her newfound ability, she rose above her own constraints to reveal a whole new world, and found other damaged individuals just like her to confide in.

But there are other things out there, waiting in the dark. Repulsive, secretive creatures that don’t want Charlie to touch the sky. And they’ll stop at nothing to keep her on the ground.

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Miranda Crites

Miranda Crites is a reader, writer, book reviewer, photographer, and lover of horror from the ghostly woods of rural West Virginia.

The writing bug bit Miranda at a very early age. She was pretty much born with a pen and a camera in her hands. She won the young writers’ contest in first grade and received her first camera as a gift when she was nine years old.

When not writing, Miranda enjoys spending time with her family. She and her family spend a lot of time off the grid where they are building a cabin in the supposedly haunted woods.

Miranda is self-employed. She and her husband create large and small vinyl decals, t-shirts, signs, and a plethora of creative customized items.

Some of her many hobbies when time allows are: making unique crafts and artwork, painting, hiking, and, of course, photography.

She has a diploma for Writing for Children and Teenagers although most of her current work is horror fiction and poetry.

Miranda is a member of Team Kendall Reviews at www.KendallReviews.com where you can find her horror book reviews and her monthly feature, Miranda Snaps, which generally contains horror fiction and photography.

Miranda is one of “The Thirty,” which is a group of thirty authors who are each taking a turn in writing a chapter of an in-progress horror novel.

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