{Book Review} Silent Scream: Alyson Faye

Silent Scream: Alyson Faye

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Every single time I read an Alyson Faye release, it reminds me of why she’s a must-read author and just how phenomenal she is.

She’s a master craftsman with dark fiction. It is really a joy to read her work and her newest ‘Silent Scream’ is no exception.

I’ve read a large number of her releases (I think I’m just missing a few of her short stories at this point) and when I heard she had a new novella coming soon, I couldn’t wait.

When it was sent over, I loaded it on my Kindle and dove in.

What I liked: ‘Silent Scream’ is both an ode to film but also a study in human’s desire to uncover that which should stay buried.

The novella follows the strange case of a movie, made almost a century ago, that seems to have the ability to drive those who watch it mad.

I loved how we get to see a snippet of its powers at the beginning and then follow the brother-sister relationship when the film falls into their possession. Faye sets it up really nicely and even though we know things are going to go off the rails, the writing sucks you in and makes you hope that just maybe, it won’t happen this time.

The investigation into the history surrounding the film and the cast and crew was fantastic and I truly loved how we see the darkness unravel and unfurl.

Faye has a way of plunking you into the action, as though you’re a character and in this case she does it to the next level. Outstanding.

What I didn’t like: Spoiler free here – which makes it tough – but we do learn some of the reasoning behind the change that occurs with the cast in the movie, but not completely and I would’ve loved to have learned a little bit more about the ‘where’ for certain things. 

Why you should buy this: Faye is such an outstanding writer and this is just another example of why she’s a must-read and why her work is some of the best of the best.

The characters were great, the setting and set pieces superb and the backstory/lore surrounding the film was fantastic. Such an amazing piece of fiction. Well done!

Silent Scream

A lost silent horror film from 1928. An inheritance tainted with madness and death. A long-dead film actress whose diary speaks from the grave of evil, corruption and debauchery. A missing film actor whose stardust life unravelled into grotesquerie.

Can a one-hundred-year-old film destroy lives today? How far will Ivy have to go to find the truth? And who will she have to lose along the way?

Midnight’s Terror is coming to a cinema near you – soon. Beware.

You can buy Silent Scream from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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