{Book Review} Season Of Secrets: Kerry E.B. Black

Season Of Secrets: Kerry E.B. Black

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Seasons of Secrets‘ by Kerry E.B. Black is another book that came onto my radar through me tweeting that if you want your book reviewed, feel free to reach out. We’d followed each other a bit on our various pages, so it was great that we connected.

What I liked:Seasons of Secrets‘ tells the story of Casey. She is starting college while trying to juggle the responsibilities of life at home. She has two younger siblings who she takes care of as her mom struggles with depression and her dad works. Once at college, she starts to come out of her introverted shell and making a few friends. It’s through these friends that she gets invited to an Equinox ceremony. Things spiral out of control from there.

I enjoyed the mystery of not knowing why each of the friends were starting to act stranger and stranger and the visions Casey starts having were gruesomely great. Black makes sure to keep the reader engaged with growing dread throughout.

What I didn’t like: I personally found a big disconnect between the story that was happening and the interaction between the friends. Mainly in their dialogue. I found every time someone talked it could have been set in the 60’s, so I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be more for a younger crowd than the story itself was written for.

Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of the lackadaisical sentiments that the characters seemed to have as the story went on. At one point a murder happens on campus, but none of them seemed too concerned and were more annoyed that there was more security present. 

Why you should buy it: This was a fun story, very quick read and as some of the mythology started to come out, Black made sure to create great tension. It appears to be Book One of a series, so it’d be interesting to see how things keep playing out for Casey and her group of friends.

Season Of Secrets

Did Equinox Magic lead to murder?

Casey Adams juggles the responsibilities of a stressful life, but after participating in a secret campus ceremony, these concerns seem minor, compared to a growing dread that somehow she and her friends may have unleashed something sinister. Assailed by bloody visions of death, Casey fears she’s going as insane as her mother.

When a horrible murder comes to peaceful Ol’ Nor’eastern College, Casey and her friends must accept the changes in their lives and stop the bloodshed.

Fans of magical realism will enjoy this debut Young Adult contemporary exploration of the paranormal, responsibility to family, friends, and community, and self-acceptance.

You can buy Season Of Secrets from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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