{Book Review} Scavenger Hunt: MichaelBrent Collings

Scavenger Hunt – MichaelBrent Collings

Reviewed by Michelle Enelen

Michaelbrent Collings is one of those authors that doesn’t seem to take a day off. Besides publishing in multiple genres, he’s attended several book signings and podcasts, travelled around the country, engaged in TED talks, kept up with his newsletters and even has a mentorship program. Busy, busy, busy! Now he’s sending you on a SCAVENGER HUNT.

You will find the backstories to be the real sustenance here. The beginning of the book surprised me by starting off very much like the movie SAW. That’s been a tried and true story direction for many years. I kept reading because it’s Michaelbrent Collings. He has kept me engaged through several books, he’s given me memorable shocks and individual storylines with surprising secrets. While it does follow the SAW formula it manages to give you a surprise punch in the gut with at least two of his characters. There’s a couple of events that might even stomp on your heart a little. Foster homes, stolen children, too many people with too much money and no soul; things that keep the darker ports of the web profitable and horrific.

An ex-gang member gets in too deep, after being raised in the heart of that environment you might think he’d turn a blind eye, but sometimes fear leads to redemption. Sometimes it’s revulsion. Life doesn’t always go the way you’d think, even after you paid your dues.

A wealthy prodigy has secrets Albert Fish would be proud of. The child liaison swears the sacrifices she ignores are for the good of her lambs; some of the lies she tells are to herself. A cop is in it for the money; so far in, there’s no getting out and you wouldn’t want him to. A rich father can buy anything his darling daughter needs, even body parts. So, who is really running this operation? Will the collared contestants make it to the next objective in time? Who is Mr. Do Good and why are there computer data breaks throughout the story? Even if you are able to guess, you’ll be glad you were given the individual backgrounds before they wind down to the inevitable end.

Creating empathy throughout the story and showing you yourself, something great authors are successful at. That is something Michaelbrent Collings has shown himself to be consistently capable of. Don’t let the movie trope discourage you, the guts of the thing, that’s what you’re after and on that Michaelbrent Collings delivers.

Enjoy the hunt.

Scavenger Hunt

“I already know all your names. As for me… you can call me Mr. Do-Good.”

Five strangers have woken up in a white room. A room with no doors, no windows.

A room with no hope.

Because these strangers have been kidnapped, drugged… and brought here as the newest contestants in the world’s most high-stakes scavenger hunt.

Run by a madman named Mr. Do-Good, the game offers only two options: win or die.

All they have to do to survive is…

complete every task…
on time…
and not break any of Do-Good’s rules.

Playing the game will bring the players to their breaking point and beyond. But play they will, because Do-Good has plans for these strangers, and their only chance to live through the night is to discover what’s really behind his Scavenger Hunt.

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Michelle Enelen

Raised by Pentecostal preachers, horror was not a readily available commodity. As her love grew, her parents were occasionally summoned to school to talk about book reports and various projects that weren’t quite appropriate for her age. They were lost as to where she’d gotten such “trash”. Luckily for her, there was a librarian that understood her insatiable hunger for darker worlds. Even now, if she could, she’d live among the stacks.

Her penchant grew to include ghastly movies and music, which she’ll happily share with anyone listening. The love of horror continues with her favorite videogame, “House of the Dead, Overkill”. She’s not the best gamer, except when defending herself against the wrong monsters. Headshots are her speciality.

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