{Book Review} Sangre – The Wrong Side Of Tomorrow: Carlos Colon

Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow – Carlos Colon

Reviewed by Steve Stred

Big thanks to Hellbound Books for sending me this review copy!

Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow opens up with detailing some new killings that have occurred.

We get some horrifically gory details and from there Colon begins to fill in the gaps.

I’ve said it before – I’ve kind of lost most of my desire to read anything Vampire or Zombie, but this is a decent take on the Vampire Trope.

I loved, loved, loved the TV Show ‘The Strain.’ I’ve not read those books, but one of the things that really elevated the show was the use of flashbacks to fill in the mythology and the characters back story.

Colon does the same thing here, which lets the reader see the whys and the how’s of Nicky Negron.

The writing jumped from dead serious, to at times a comedic bent, which never really took me out of the story.

I think where I stumbled to love this story versus like this story, is it didn’t really offer me anything new to the Vampire world and after having just read a really, really strong Vampire tale with V. Castro’s Maria: the Wanted,’ this book took me close to some great stuff but didn’t tip it over the edge.

Definitely a story that I think folks who really dig the Vampire world and genre will enjoy, and I think Colon has some serious writing chops.

For me, it ultimately came down to – I’ve read similar before so I liked it but didn’t love it.

Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow

The Story of a Reluctant, Undead Vigilante.

The harrowing saga of Nicky Negron’s tortured soul continues as the inner and outer demons shadowing Newark, New Jersey’s undead vigilante have no intention of letting him rest in peace.

Knowing his paranormal existence can only lead to complications, Nicky tries not to draw too much attention to himself. This becomes difficult as he learns that he has captured the interest of an unrelenting federal agent.

Suspected of being an assassin for a South American drug cartel, Nicky finds himself dealing with the exact kind of scrutiny he’s been trying to avoid since he was turned almost thirty years ago. It complicates matters even more when Nicky is confronted with another undead presence that is threatening to commit atrocities to the children of a friend Nicky had sworn to protect. This pits the foul-mouthed night stalker, Nicky Negron, against the most horrifying monsters – both the human and non-human variety.

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