{Book Review} Roseblood: Chris Kosarich

Roseblood: Chris Kosarich

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Thanks to Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi for sending this my way! I haven’t read any of Chris’ work previous to this, but now having taken the plunge, I’ll be investigating his other releases.

Roseblood’ is essentially three short stories interconnected by the killer. Set in three different time periods, we first follow a photographer with horrible impulses who befriends an attractive lady as he tries to restart his life on the other side of the US. Things spiral out of control and soon her real being and needs come to the front and Kosarich lets all hell break loose.

The next two parts build off of this killer’s notoriety and we see more of the story unfold and a larger and larger body count growing.

At times I wasn’t too keen on the way the people reacted or acted, specifically the photographer in the opening. It didn’t feel like how real folks react, but with the narrative-based around Rose being brought back to his apartment, it did feel a bit forced.

I enjoyed the slow build of each section, knowing what was to come but waiting for it to happen. Part of this gave me an all-too-familiar feeling of the TV show Dexter. Not simply because it was set in Florida, but because of Rose’s rationalizing that she was killing those that deserved to die.

One thing I wished for more of, was the back story of Rose. We do get some of it in the third section, but not enough. The third section opens with a detailed life back story of the character we follow trying to avenge a loved one’s death, but then when we get the climactic confrontation, we get a few paragraphs from Rose and I didn’t find it really answered many of the questions I had.

This may because Kosarich is planning a return or follow up in the future, but I would have loved just a bit more.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. It skirted a few things that I wished was expanded on, and each section followed the same formula, but for a blood and gore story, this one doesn’t disappoint.

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Monsters aren’t born…they’re made!

After her parents are senselessly and brutally murdered, a young girl is left for dead. But she is reborn with a frightening power, one that she is only beginning to fully grasp.

Those unfortunate enough to meet her can become seduced and entranced by her beauty. Those who may take advantage of her will soon live to regret it. And there will be blood…and death.

Told in three parts over three decades, the mysterious and deadly young woman known as Rose is nearly unforgettable as she is beautiful and seductive. But beware you don’t cross her path…it may be your last!

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