{Book Review} Ride Or Die: James Newman

Ride Or Die: James Newman

Reviewed By Miranda Crites

Many thanks to Silver Shamrock Publishing for providing Kendall Reviews with a review copy of “Ride or Die.”

James does coming-of-age AND revenge so well! “Ride or Die” is written from the viewpoint of fifteen-year-old Amelia Fletcher. Amelia has accidentally found out her dad has been cheating on her mom, and she and her girlfriends set out to get rid of the homewrecker. Things aren’t quite like they seem here. This has been no ordinary affair… While this is supposed to be a mostly harmless case of good-girl-gone-bad for one night, the girls are in for way more than they’ve bargained for.

Once they make it to the homewrecker’s house on Callaghan Drive, all hell breaks loose.

Excellent revenge story with a helluva twist.

Also, there’s a 1970 Plum Crazy Plymouth Roadrunner in this book, and I had to worry about the car’s fate too! I was sweating here. Bullets!! (Please not the Roadrunner. Please not the Roadrunner.) I was once a fifteen-year-old girl behind the wheel of a vintage Plum Crazy car, so I was pretty worked up over this scenario. My night didn’t end with the tires touching pavement, so you can maybe see my concern here…

Ride or Die” has beautiful interior illustrations throughout which always heightens the experience for me.

There’s plenty of action, terror, and blood-slinging packed into this short read. This one’s a ripper, folks!

I’ve been a fan of James Newman for a few years now, and he never disappoints. For me, it all started with “The Wicked,” and what a wicked ride it’s been!

KR: Miranda interviewed James recently. You can read that here.

James Newman

Amelia Fletcher is a good girl. She’s a straight-A student, second chair in her middle-school chorus, and she never uses the Lord’s name in vain.

But a few days ago, she discovered that her dad has been cheating on her mom.

For the first time in her life, Amelia decides she would like to know what it feels like to be a bad girl. For just one night.

With the help of her BFFs, Cassie and Folline, she plans to teach Dad’s “other woman” a lesson. It’s harmless fun, right? An evening of teenage mischief. When all is said and done, the homewrecker will go away and never come back. Only then can Amelia’s family begin to repair what has been broken.

However, this was no ordinary affair. And the trio could never expect the horrors that await them inside the house on Callaghan Drive.

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Miranda Crites

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