{Book Review} Return To The Black Gate: Joseph Sale

Return To The Black Gate: Joseph Sale

Reviewed By Steve Stred

When I first read book one in this stunning trilogy, ‘Gods of the Black Gate,’ I almost immediately messaged Joseph begging and pleading for a sequel. I was stunned. The synopsis was unique but the story was elevated to such a level that I needed more.

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When book two arrived, ‘Beyond the Black Gate,’ Sale showed his propensity for world creation and utterly destroyed the readers eyeballs with the characters he introduced. When book two ended, I had a sorrowful sob. ‘Maybe this is it?’ I thought. Will we ever get complete closure on Smiley, Pheona an crew?

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A trilogy as immersive as this can be soul-crushing on a writer. Did Sale have it in him to step into the world one more time – his mental health be damned?

The answer here is – YES! A resounding yes!

What I liked: Look, you need to have read books one and two to read book three. So, if you haven’t – please stop reading and dive into ‘Gods of the Black Gate,’ one of the best sci-fi/horror books I’ve ever read. Learn these characters, keep tabs if you must, because by book three you will be so involved and enthralled with each and every one, you’ll be crying your heart out for an ending for each. Luckily for us devotee’s – Sale does just that. This book is an ending. Expect death, gore and carnage, but also expect your emotions to be crushed.

What I didn’t like: I will say this – other than ‘Save Game’ (which was also amazing) I haven’t read anything else by Sale. So, if you are wanting to dive into this trilogy, it may be also beneficial to have read his release ‘Nekyia.’ It is referenced at the opening of this one a bit and I think I would have seen more of the tie-ins if I had.

Why you should buy this: As I previously stated – if you are looking for a stunning sci-fi/horror trilogy – this trilogy is the one for you. Head to the start and dive in. If you’ve read the first two – this is an absolute must and the ending is just heartbreaking but so, so fantastic.

Adored this one.

Return To The Black Gate

Clone Smiley has vanished. No one knows where he has gone.

With the dark of the Origin-verse now awake, something moves across the multiverses, destroying all it touches. One by one, each universe falls, its defenders shattered. Soon, it will reach our world, and then there will be nothing left. From the far corners of the multiverse, a desperate group gathers, the only hope of saving existence itself now resting on the shoulders of killers, psychopaths, prophetesses, and a broken man.

Return To The Black Gate is a story of loss and unlikely love, of the battles we fight to hold onto what little we have, and a vision of an end-times never-before-imagined. Where Gods of the Black Gate was a crime-thriller, and Beyond The Black Gate was a sword and sorcery epic, Return To The Black Gate is a harrowing war-story; a tale of despair and heroism in the face of unimaginable horror.

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