{Book Review} Our Biggest Fears: Bo Chappell

Our Biggest Fears: Bo Chappell

Reviewed By Steve Stred

First came ‘Year 47,’ then ‘By Year’s End,’ a novel and anthology solidifying Bo’s talents and mastery of western-horror. We got another anthology with ‘Appalachian Horror‘ which had rave reviews.

Now Bo, talented author and artist has returned.

What I liked:Our Biggest Fears‘ is a unique novella, in that it is both beautiful and horrific. The majority of the story follows Rob and Amber, siblings heading to a house that once belonged to their dad. From this we get both an emotional look at their relationship, but also their past and how they bonded together to overcome hardships. That bond is integral when the other side of the novella rears its head – The Visitor. A masked figure hellbent on killing.

It is in both of these plots that Chappell shines. On the one hand we get poignant retrospective moments, reflecting on childhood and sibling relationships. On the other, we get descriptive death scenes which were really well done.

Bo has a knack of painting a picture before splashing buckets of blood all over it.

What I didn’t like: I am a massive novella fan through and through, but in this case I really wish Bo spread the story out and gave some parts a bit more meat. It still works really well, but it may be a negative for some readers.

Why you should buy it: I recently said that I was proud to call Bo a friend in my review of his kids book, and that stands. You should always support the good ones in the world and Bo is a class act. Saying that, this is a fantastic novella, ripe with great imagery and emotional depth that I really wasn’t expecting. I really loved this piece and can’t wait to see what’s next!


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Our Biggest Fears

Can you love someone the wrong way?

It’s a question that goes often ignored by both the victims and offenders but must be confronted by two siblings when a home invader pays a visit to a tiny home community in South Carolina.

It’s horror survival on a small scale, and it all starts at your front door, July 2020.

You can buy Our Biggest Fears from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Support Bo directly by ordering a signed Our Biggest Fears Paperback: HERE

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