{Book Review} Orotund (Collected Short Stories, Volume 2): BP Gregory

Orotund: BP Gregory

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Having recently made my way through Cacophony, Book One of BP Gregory’s collected short stories, I dove headfirst into Book Two.

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From the get-go it was apparent that BP wasn’t messing around and that Book Two would be just as rock-solid as Book One.

I don’t think I mentioned it in my review of Book One, but once again each story is followed up with a short paragraph or two telling about how the idea struck and what BP was attempting to accomplish in the story, which was great.

What I Liked: Much like Book One, Gregory covers a lot of territory with Book Two. The stories are varied and the characters are all great to get to know. None of the stories lack or lag and with Gregory’s trademark bite infused throughout, she makes a lot of the stories pop that may otherwise not have that impact.

As with Book One, this collection has an absolute monster of a story that you must read. ‘Glory‘ was disturbingly engrossing. A simple story where a teen boy who feels like an outsider hears a voice calling from the cut out hole in the wall at the public toilets. Gregory does an amazing job of bringing the disturbing once our character decides to interact with the voice. If you’ve read ‘The Special‘ by Newman and Steensland, you know things ain’t going to end well.

What I didn’t like: As with Book One, a few of these stories would have benefited from a bit more space to breathe, a bit more word count to let some of the actions come to fruition.

Why you should buy it: As I said before, Gregory is a fantastic author and conjures up some of the most disturbing scenarios ever put down on paper. Couple that with being an enthusiastic supporter of all things horror and this is a no-brainer. Grab it, read it, enjoy.


A paroled monster, a prostitute and a policeman all see a little girl lost, but this isn’t the start of a joke.

An isolated, frail old man trapped in his apartment; what possible threat could he pose to the sociopaths next door?

Take a stroll down humanity’s eerie back alleys and enjoy BP Gregory’s newest short science fiction, urban fantasy and horror stories neatly packaged together in Orotund: Collected Short Stories Volume Two.

You can buy Orotund from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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