{Book Review} Night Of The Rider: Alyson Faye

Night Of The Rider: Alyson Faye

Reviewed By Aiden Merchant

Demain’s Short Sharp Shocks! series specializes in quick horror fiction (as the name suggests), and has spotlighted a good number of authors this year. Alyson Faye’s contribution, Night of the Rider, turned out to be a great starting point for me in entering this collection. The story is structured wonderfully (brief, but not without discounting the world at play), the characters are strong (the rider and Leonie, especially; not so much the brother, who is just a minor link in the story), and the follow-through seamless and entertaining. The more Faye provided us about the rider, the more I wanted a full novel giving us his origin and early years cursed. The Burton-esque Sleepy Hollow vibe I got may not have been intentional (I do not know), but I loved it. All this and the spot-on writing left me very much satisfied having read Night of the Rider. I hadn’t known what to expect, nor was I familiar with the author, but it turned out aces. I will be looking more into this series and author as a result.

Night Of The Rider

No one escapes the mythic cursed Rider and his hounds. Barnabas, fleeing London and his gambling debts, takes refuge in his family’s country home with his father and his sister, Leonie. She has her own secrets, but can she save her brother from certain death?

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Aiden Merchant

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