{Book Review} Mountainhead #3: John Lees (Author)

Mountainhead #3

John Lees (Author) • Ryan Lee (Artist) • Doug Garbark (Colorist) • Shawn Lee (Letters) • Bobby Curnow (Editor) • IDW Publishing (Publisher)

Reviewed By A.S. MacKenzie

This is the third issue of a new title from IDW. For a review of Issues #1 & #2 to read before reading this review, please check out the ISSUE #1 ISSUE #2 links.

I think something is very wrong with John Lees and Ryan Lee.

Very wrong.

For John Lees, the something wrong is the twisted, dark, creative spot in his mind that developed this story. And for Ryan Lee, that he knew exactly how to bring it to life in such a way as to make ink on a page disturbing to look at. Really, we should lump both Doug Garbark for their color choices and Shawn Lee for lettering this descent into madness. I can’t really blame Bobby Curnow for their editing, as I’m sure whatever was cut from this haunts their own waking world.

And we, the reading public, should be ever-so-thankful that this macabre, fever dream of a story came to life through such talent as these folks have.

This third issue of the ever-increasingly bizarre, intriguing, and blood-soaked comic hit shelves recently and I’ve been waiting with bated breath for it. Having devoured the first two issues, I knew I was in for a treat and this did not disappoint.

Here we have Abraham (or James, if you like), still trying to reason with his new found family after his life-long abduction. He lashes out at the family who doesn’t know how to deal with him any more than he knows how to deal with them. Yet, somehow, through the twists, nightmares (what the hell was that antlered, one-eyed thing?!), and odd occurrences in town, he is beginning to find his way.

But, this is only a part of the story this issue. Throughout, we find small vignettes of what one local describes as “Mountainhead”, where increasingly bizarre and disturbing behavior is exhibited by those who have never acted this way before. Of all the strange, bloody things that happened, there was one panel that really struck me the most. A young girl, a rock, and a rabbit. I won’t say more, just know it isn’t pretty. It struck me as even worse than what happens to Ryan’s dad, and that’s saying something because…holy hell…that was…wow.

Naturally, we are left with a tease for Issue #4 and while I have a rabid dislike for the phrase ‘to be continued’ I will sit, impatiently, for it. Because, and this is important, if John, Ryan, Doug, Shawn, and Bobby put as much of the dark corners of their mind into the next one as they have for the previous three, you will absolutely want to see it.

Mountainhead #3

Everything in Mountainhead has been building to this chapter!

On the road to Canada, a driver makes an ill-fated roadside stop. In Braeriach, the townsfolk are behaving strangely, animals are disappearing, and Theo Halbot seeks to share some good news with his family. And in the skies over Mount Rector, a storm is brewing.

In this pivotal, must-read issue, secrets are revealed, blood is spilled… and the other shoe drops.

Don’t miss the comic everyone will be talking about!

You can buy Mountainhead #3 from IDW Publishing

A. S. MacKenzie

A. S. MacKenzie is an Atlanta based author who loves all things books, movies, games, and comics. He lives with his wife, spoiled dogs, and an unhealthy obsession with building things. He can be found building worlds in books, building plastic models, or building with wood. Check out his website at asmackenzie.com for ways to join his newsletter and read free stories. Also, he’s been known to frequent Twitter (@a_s_mackenzie) to say something vaguely interesting and Instagram (a.s.mackenzie) for food, travel, and random pics.

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