{Book Review} Misfits: Hunter Shea

Misfits: Hunter Shea

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Hunter Shea is on a roll.

He’s found a stride and while always a prolific writer, the last little bit just feels like a groove has been found and he’s gleefully releasing new books.

Recently, we’ve seen the arrival of the devastating ‘Creature’ and the throw-back fun of ‘Slash.’

KR: Creature was actually Gavin’s favourite book of 2018

Now, along comes ‘Misfits,’ a book loosely based on an old urban legend.

What I liked: If the opening chapter doesn’t hook you, then this book isn’t for you. There’s a street, Dracula Street, where kids don’t play. Things live in the bushes around it. 

Chapter one is a sacrificial chapter to show you just how horrible these things are. Told with a flare that would be usually saved for a horror movie, we get an early emotional punch before Shea moves us to the ’90s and we get introduced to a ragtag bunch of outcasts.

Shea has a way of keeping tension high, even with some mundane moments, but much like renting a B movie years ago, I kept waiting for the kills.

What I didn’t like: The previous line sums it up for me. I found I never connected with any of the characters to a degree that I really rooted or cared for them. I kept waiting for the kills to come and didn’t really care who was reduced to a bloody pulp.

Why you should buy this: Hunter is delivering some great horror for fans both old and new. This one never eases up and as the story unfolds, Hunter infuses this with some great nostalgia.

Overall, this was a really fun story, and the author afterword was great. Fans of Shea could definitely give this a go.


During the height of the 90s grunge era, five high school friends living on the fringe are driven to the breaking point.

When one of their friends is brutally raped by a drunk townie, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Deep in the woods of Milbury, Connecticut, there lives the legend of the Melon Heads, a race of creatures that shun human interaction and prey on those who dare to wander down Dracula Drive.

Maybe this night, one band of misfits can help the other.

Or maybe some legends are meant to be feared for a reason.

You can buy The Misfits from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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