{Book Review} Last Days: Adam Nevill

Last Days: Adam Nevill

Reviewed By Steve Stred

As I previously admitted – I’m super late to the Nevill game. I recently read the two free Amazon mini-collections ‘Before You Sleep’ and ‘Before You Wake’ and those six stories kicked my butt into reading one of his novels. It is funny how sometimes time can adjust your perception on a story. I had attempted to read one of the mini-collections before, but didn’t connect with the first story. Then about a year later – voila. Totally dug it.

After finishing those two releases, I knew it was time for a novel, but which one? I had The Ritual, The Reddening and Last Days, as well as his short story collections.

After some thought, I decided I needed to tackle Last Days first. I have seen the movie of The Ritual, so wanted to give myself a bit more time between viewing and reading, and while The Reddening sounds utterly fantastic, I wanted to start a bit older.

The synopsis of Last Days is outstanding and quickly made for an easy decision. Gorilla style documentary being made about a former cult? The plot points that Nevill could touch on would be fantastic! You have the footage aspect, which makes the reader able to then read about stuff that wasn’t described initially. The documentary schedule gives us the reason why Kyle and Dan would keep pushing on and on, even after more and more brown stuff starts hitting the walls – literally. And the cult plot point gives us a very compelling reason to learn more.

Nevill was so thorough that at some points I was googling on my phone while reading to see if certain parts were based on real things. I didn’t expect the storyline to become so involved, so Dan Brownish (not in a bad way) at times that we were getting a fully fleshed out 500-year-old history lesson on The Temple of the Last Days.

Just outstanding, amazing work.

This is a book that will stay with me for a long time. The creation that Nevill introduces to the literary world with The Blood Friends or the Old Friends is hands down one of the best, most vile, absolutely most creepy things from the dark to come along in some time. Enough so, that I would be so happy to see them rear their leathered faces again in the future.

This has become one of my all-time favourite books. Nevill has catapulted himself into my list of stunning authors and once I send this review into Gavin at Kendall Reviews, I’ll be expecting a message back saying “I told you so.” (KR: I did)

While reading this, I’ve also purchased Apartment 16 and will be getting No One Gets Out Alive shortly as well. I plan on reading through all of the Nevill stuff I have in 2020, and I would highly suggest you all get on board and read his stuff if you haven’t yet!

Last Days

Winner of the August Derleth award, Last Days is a chilling and terrifying novel from master of horror, Adam Nevill.

The Temple of the Last Days. The brutal cult with a history of murder, sex and occult dealings destroyed itself during one night of ritualistic violence decades ago. Or so they thought . . .

Kyle Freeman is an indie film-maker with no money and few options, so when he lands a commission to make a documentary about The Temple of the Last Days he jumps at the chance. Little does he know that his investigation into the cult’s bloody history will lead him into the darkest places he’s ever been.

As they travel from the London and France to Arizona tracing the path of the cult, uncanny events, out-of-body experiences, ghastly artefacts and visits by the merciless ‘old friends’ plague Kyle and his one-man crew. They soon discover the power of the cult’s terrible legacy, and that it may be too late for them to escape…

You can buy Last Days from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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