{Book Review} In Tooth And Claw: Dan Soule

In Tooth And Claw: Dan Soule

Reviewed By Aiden Merchant

Though I have been lucky this year, usually collections are a mix of hit and miss. In Tooth and Claw is like that, though I feel the good outweighs the bad by a fair amount. “Plight of the Valkyrie” sets up an interesting world in which Death is an employee of sorts that has decided to retire and finds his replacement. I really enjoyed this one and think Soule should do an entire novel with this concept of the Guild. There would be many directions worth exploring, so it’s safe to say In Tooth and Claw starts off on a good foot.

Jump ahead a couple of stories to “The Switch,” my next favorite entry. Here, you have an old, rich man dying in the hospital while his family counts away the minutes (soon, they all will inherit great wealth). However, there is one family member there that has been tortured by this old man, and is often ignored and unseen by everyone else. Finally, she will get her revenge with the old man’s death, but it must be by her hands. This story is short, sweet, and to the point. I thought the cast was used perfectly and the POV a smart choice.

Although I didn’t particularly like “The Breed,” I did really enjoy “The Breed: Last Watch” that followed a little later in this collection. I mixed up character names a couple of times, but I was otherwise captivated by the ride. There was definitely potential in the story, enough so to warrant a novella or novel. If Soule decides to follow this idea further, you can sign me up.

Lastly, “Witchopper” did me some good. You learn of an old witch tale to scare little kids, but of course it turns out to be true. Like my other favorites in this collection, I would like to see this idea expanded. And in all honesty, that could be a minor complaint with In Tooth and Claw (as much as it is a positive) – more often than not, the stories didn’t work as simple one-shots. They demanded more. This is both good and bad. It’s good that they caught my interest in such a way that I wanted there to be more, but bad in the sense that I couldn’t simply enjoy this collection for a singular ride – I was left expecting more when it’s short-lived.

Soule has a great way with words, even if they sometimes jumble in explanation and cast of characters. This collection presented me with enough interesting ideas that I will definitely be looking into Soule further, which counts as a win for me. In Tooth and Claw has got some meat on its bones!

In Tooth And Claw

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares. Especially when demons hide – and devour – in plain sight, or the wrong psychopath is recruited for their dream job. When a telephone rings for a forgotten boy in an old red telephone box, or when the sinister origin of a curse is locked within a children’s nursery rhyme, then the horror will follow you darkly into your dreams. And it will still be there when you wake.

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