{Book Review} Hungry Rain: Brian Fatah Steele

Hungry Rain: Brian Fatah Steele

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I’ve really grown to love Fatah Steele’s take on Cosmic Horror and I really do believe he’s one of the best current producers of that subgenre. His imagination is amazing and he creates these stunning worlds that really grab the reader.

Imagine my shock when a surprise Severed Press release was announced!

Was this Fatah Steele diving into a straight forward creature-feature?

What I liked: To cut to the chase, the answer to that cliff-hanger of a question is a resounding YES! ‘Hungry Rain‘ takes place at a secluded summer resort. Pristine beaches, renovated cabins and boasting a mini-golf course, carnival rides and a concession. 

Of course this summer destination becomes the hotspot for carnage, when one night someone mutates in the water and tentacled killing machines come forth.

I enjoyed the gore, the back story and the way chapters were interwoven so that you’d see what would happen as characters interacted before going their separate ways.

What I didn’t like: It may seem minor, but I never really connected with any of the characters. While there was a group of three women who were the “main characters,” even they felt like superficial characters. I would’ve enjoyed this a bit more if I had a rooted investment in seeing someone try and survive.

Why you should buy it: This was a really fun creature-feature and while Brian held off on the Cosmic norms he typically employs, he still lets his fantastic imagination conjure some amazing beasties. If you are wanting a really fast, death-filled book, this will be right up your alley!

Hungry Rain

Woodlands was the perfect summer getaway. A rustic Ohio resort, it had everything from campgrounds and hiking trails to mini-golf and zip lines. You could enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating in its two famous lakes.

What rose from those lakes one stormy night ended Woodlands. Abominations had come with the rain. Ready to devour anything, nightmare creatures from the depths. It would only take one night. One terrifying night for the monsters from the hungry rain to be fed.

You can buy Hungry Rain from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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