{Book Review} Hunger For Death: Joshua Marsella

Hunger For Death: Joshua Marsella

Reviewed By Simon P. Wilson

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a big fan of Joshua Marsella’s writing. I thought both Scratches and Severed were fantastic horror novellas, so I was very excited to sit down and devour Hunger For Death, his debut short story collection.

For me, 2021 has been a great year for horror collections. I’ve read some absolute belters, so I was very pleased to be able to add Hunger For Death to my list of bloody good reads.

Yep, Marcella has delivered the goods, yet again.

Hunger For Death contains 13 tales of terror. Each story is a cracker, and either creeps you out or soaks you with gore. Lots of nice twists too. I do love a yarn that surprises me, and Marsella certainly did that a few times! Coma Toast, for example, was fiendishly clever. Oh, that tale had me giggling with glee.

Of course, every collection has its standouts. While there were no fillers to be found within the pages of this book, there were three tales that I thought were just brilliant.

The Cauldron definitely wins the prize of the scariest story, the ending to that was truly chilling!

The Blue Cliffs was awesome. A very clever ghost story, and one with a powerful message that was handled with great skill and care. Well done, Joshua. That was some damn fine writing, for sure.

Polybus, however, has to be my favourite of the collection. With its Lovecraftian imagery, this tale of a mysterious puzzle and monstrous entities was utterly excellent. Personally, I’d really like to read more by Marsella in this style.

To sum things up, Hunger For Death is another winner from Mr. Marsella, and I highly recommend this collection to all you good folk who love horror.

You’ve still got time to add this to your Christmas list, so go do it now!

Hunger For Death

A mother is willing to sacrifice it all to save her unborn child…

A pair of fishermen reel in a catch they’ll soon regret..

A mysterious puzzle holds an ancient secret…

…and ten more wicked tales of the macabre from the remarkably disturbed mind of Joshua Marsella.

You can buy Hunger For Death from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Simon Paul Wilson

Simon Paul Wilson is a U.K. based writer of horror and science fiction.

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