{Book Review} Hayward’s Revenge: Cailyn Lloyd

Hayward’s Revenge: Cailyn Lloyd

Reviewed By Steve Stred

The third book in Lloyd’s ‘The Elders Book’ series has arrived and after seeing how things progressed in books one and two, I was curious to discover where Lloyd was going to take the narrative.

With this one, Lloyd brings some familiar characters together to close out the trilogy.

What I liked: ‘Hayward’s Revenge’ opens up with a chilling opening chapter and from there we get thrown into one of the more intriguing ‘doorways to Hell’ stories I’ve read in some time.

The characters were both familiar and fresh, which leads this book to really stand out as it could be read as part of the series, or as a stand-alone, which shows how strong the plotline is, especially considering this is the finale.

The setting in this book was outstanding and super creepy. The synopsis truly only gives you an idea of what you’re in for but with Lloyd’s deft writing, this place comes to life and is frightening.

What I didn’t like: I don’t know if I truly feel like the characters got the closure I expected in a trilogy finale. Maybe I was expecting something different? I know this sounds like a minor thing and an individual reader thing, but with what they had to endure and overcome over the three books, I was a bit surprised when it ended.

Why you should buy this: Cailyn Lloyd is a fantastic writer and with this, the third and final book of the series, you can either finish it off or read it as a stand-alone. I’d lean more towards picking up all three, as there are some truly dark moments within these three books.

Hayward’s Revenge

The final installment in the best selling horror trilogy

Leah MacKenzie and her mother, Dana, live an idyllic life in Illinois until a runaway car careens across their lawn, nearly killing Leah – a bungled attempt at murder. Now, they’re on the run, pursued by the same shadowy figure who killed Dana’s mother two years before.

Soon, they’re joined by two mysterious Englishmen chasing a serial killer – their trails coming together at a mysterious old lighthouse on the aptly named Porte des Morts passage, literally, the Doorway of Death.

There, they come face to face with an evil so powerful they may not survive.

You can buy Hayward’s Revenge from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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