{Book Review} Hank Flynn: Candace Nola

Hank Flynn: Candace Nola

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Usually, I can share the exact way or time I connected with an author, but oddly, I feel like Candace and myself connected some time ago and we both interact, but not hugely. Not saying this as a negative, but she’s always been supportive and encouraging, while at the same time I know very little about herself and her work!

Well, it was time to change that second part. When she announced her release ‘Hank Flynn’ and shared the awesome Don Noble cover art, I was all in, not even bothering to read the synopsis.

So, having finished, guess what? Not only was this awesome, but this was a really nice entry into the ever-growing horror-western subgenre that has really exploded over the last year or so.

What I liked: The book follows our character, Hank Flynn, a man who has taken up residence in a small town. Nobody knows his background, but all of the residents trust him and know that he’ll have their backs.

Of course, this is a dark fiction story, so when some outlaws arrive, followed by a dark evil, Nola makes sure to bring in some fantastic supernatural elements and we get cinematic action sequences.

The townsfolk all feel relatable (even the ones that you detest) and you want Hank to save them all, even when he can’t.

The ending did a great job of tying together the strangeness of Flynn’s background as well as the who and why of his being chased.

What I didn’t like: I will say, the beginning was filled with the repetitive western tropes of us finding out everyone talks with a drawl and such, but once that gets out of the way, the story hums along.

Why you should buy this: ‘Hank Flynn’ was really well done, and shows Nola’s willingness to create great characters while also being willing to kill them off when needed. She really makes you feel the dirt under your feet and the dust in your eyes with this one, all the while making you glance nervously at the clouds above.

Good stuff.

Hank Flynn

Hank Flynn is a tormented man.

He’s an outcast among humans, and condemned to confront evil, for as long as he lives.
Serving a higher power, Hank wanders the earth alone, until he stumbles into Protection, Kansas.
Mortally wounded and delirious after a demonic encounter, Hank Flynn is desperate for help.

Wallace Bixby, a local merchant and man of faith, graciously opens his home to the broken stranger.
Hank Flynn discovers the meaning of family and community, and the avenging drifter finds peace with Josie Bixby, the young woman who heals his body and his heart.

The town of Protection is exactly what Hank needs, and the town needs the man with special talents, who slays demons.

He deals out a unique brand of punishment to anything breaking the law, or threatening the people he loves.

But when the Devil himself comes calling, Hank Flynn must risk everything for the town he now calls home.

You can buy Hank Flynn from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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