{Book Review} Ghost Recall: Alan Baxter

Ghost Recall: Alan Baxter

Reviewed By Steve Stred

So here we are. Book Three. The TRILOGY. Eli Carver arrives again, kicking heads in and taking no names.

But is this it? Is this the end of Eli Carver? For a while, Baxter had hinted at finishing things off with a third, but with this character, who can say for sure.

By this point, I’ll assume you’ve either read book one or both one and two. Either way, you’ll know that Eli Carver, former muscle, is now saddled with five ghosts, five former kills that won’t leave him alone.

This allows Baxter to use them for or against Carver and it makes for some great moments, both in action sequences, but also just random, meaningless interactions.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

What I liked: Book three picks up in Vegas, where Eli now resides with Bridgette. He’s made a few friends, kept his head down, but still those five ghosts hound him.

A chance encounter, which being Eli, turns violent, leads him to be in possession of a ring with an odd symbol. 

From here, Baxter does a great job of ‘John Wick’-ing the story with Eli wanting to figure out who these chuckleheads are as well as those chuckleheads wanting the ring back. Expect collateral damage, blockbuster fight sequences and of course, some great banter between the ghosts and Eli.

The previous two entries were both really fun reads, filled with emotions and creating a rollercoaster ride for the reader. This one does the same, but  turns it up a notch. The reader will also see just how much love Baxter has for Carver, as the character practically leaps off the page time and time again.

What I didn’t like: The climactic scene was great and the way it happens made sense for the story leading up to that point, but I felt like Carver made it there a little too easy. Especially when the group of people have been chasing him all over the city. Minor, overall, but just something I noticed.

Why you should buy this: I always love reading Alan’s work. He inflicts everything with darkness, depth, emotions and some of the best action/fight scenes out there (and that’s coming from a reader who can take fight scenes or leave ’em).

‘Ghost Recall’ is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy (if it is a conclusion) but also leaves the door open for a possible fourth.

For current fans of the series – you’ll be very pleased to see there is no letdown with the content and quality of the Carver series.

For new fans – grab book one and dive in, these are always a blast and will take you places you never expected.

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Ghost Recall


Life has calmed down for Eli Carver and he’s grown complacent. Enjoying the high-stakes spoils of his new girlfriend’s gambling wins, the duo is living large in Las Vegas. It’s the most peaceful time he can recall. But when things turn quiet, Eli finds trouble.

Dragged into the strange machinations of a dangerous secret society, Eli will finally face everything he’s been ignoring if he hopes to make it out the other side. And even then, nothing will ever be the same again. Eli and his ghosts find themselves battling powerful adversaries as violence and dark magic coalesce with lethal consequences. Strap yourself in for the third installment of award-winning author Alan Baxter’s unrelenting Eli Carver Supernatural Thriller Series.

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