{Book Review} Generation X-ed: Edited By Rebecca Rowland

Generation X-ed: Edited By Rebecca Rowland

Reviewed By Ben Walker, Vocals By Steve Stred

[To the tune of My Generation by Limp Bizkit]

Generation X-ed Review: Words – Ben Walker

If only I could write

Limp Bizkit style

Dark Ink books

Are offering an off-beat pitch

Should you read it?

Here’s an explanation


Will you pick up

This Gen-X themed collection


Are you ready?

Do you know what I read?


Twenty-two stories, punk

Take a look inside

It’s Rebecca Rowland editing this time

I downloaded the ebook

For all the readers who like books, there’s paperback too

And maybe I’m the one who prefers a MOBI file

But either makes me smile

Generation X was generation strange

And this promises stories in that vein

So please don’t talk shit

Talk shit about this

Go ahead and talk nice

About this c-c-collection


‘Cause you might want to read this book though

It’s not for everyone but

There’s enough in here to enjoy

After some introspection


Hey kid, there’s a slow start

But you’re not stepping into a big pile of shit

The openers drag

But then things pick up

There are some neat tales, just not from page one

And maybe I wrongly expected a little more fun

Many tales are quite glum

Others offer smiles, it’s a good range

With ghosts and demonic tales of pain


So please don’t talk shit

Talk shit about this

Go ahead and talk nice

About this c-c-collection


‘Cause you might want to read this book though

It’s not for everyone but

There’s enough in here to enjoy

After some introspection


Some author names

Were new to me

Some old ones

Nice to see


But do I think they can write?

Yes I think they can write

Though some took their sweet time

And I lost

Focus at



In summary it’s a mixed bag

Oh yeah, come on!


So I won’t talk shit

Talk shit ’bout this book

But it sometimes feels

Like a missed opportunity


Many of the stories here could

Be set in any old time and

As such the Gen-X theme did feel

Somewhat lacking


Shame it wasn’t more full-on and

Made more of its core concept

But it’s still pretty good overall

And worth considering


Oh yeah!

KR: And now fiends of Kendall Reviews, if Ben’s superbly written review in the style of Limp Bizkit’s ‘My Generation’ wasn’t enough, I’m delighted to bring you the dulcet tones of Steve Stred. Steve will be giving it his best Durst impression and performing the review for your listening pleasure. Brace yourselves! 

Generation X-ed Review: Words – Ben Walker, Vocals – Steve Stred

Generation X-ed

Bestselling editor Rebecca Rowland (Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction) and Dark Ink Books (Savini, Unmasked: The True Life Story of the World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer) present a unique anthology of monster, folk, paranormal, and psychological horror as glimpsed through the lens of the latchkey generation. In this assortment of spine-chilling tales, twenty-two voices shine a strobe light on the cultural demons that lurked in the background while they came of age in the heyday of Satanic panic and slasher flicks, milk carton missing and music television, video rentals and riot grrrls.

These Gen-X storytellers once stayed out unsupervised until the streetlights came on, and what they brought home with them will terrify you.

You can buy Generation Xed from Amazon UK & Amazon US

Ben Walker

Ben got a taste for terror after sneaking downstairs to watch The Thing from behind the sofa at age 9. He’s a big fan of extreme & bizarre horror and well as more psychological frights, and most things in between. When he’s not reading, he’s writing, and when he’s not writing he’s on Twitter @BensNotWriting or reviewing books on his YouTube channel, BLURB.

Steve Stred

Steve Stred writes dark, bleak fiction.

Steve is the author of a number of novels, novellas and collections.

He is proud to work with the Ladies of Horror Fiction to facilitate the Annual LOHF Writers Grant.

Steve has appeared alongside some of Horror’s heaviest hitters (Tim Lebbon, Gemma Amor, Adrian J. Walker, Ramsey Campbell) in some fantastic anthologies.

He is an active member of the HWA.

He is based in Edmonton, AB, Canada and lives with his wife and son.

You can follow Steve on Twitter @stevestred

You can follow Steve on Instagram @stevestred

You can visit Steve’s Official website here

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