{Book Review} Full Tilt Boogie: Alex De Campi & Eduardo Ocaña

Full Tilt Boogie

CREATIVE TEAM: Alex De Campi (w) and Eduardo Ocaña (a)

Reviewed By Tarn Richardson

Full Tilt Boogie is a glorious looking space opera, perfect for younger readers and fans of the classic science fiction tropes. Collecting the first series of the same name printed in weekly comic 2000AD, Full Tilt Boogie is an elegant understated love letter to everything space; Star Wars, Star Trek, Space 1999 and Battle of the Planets.

We begin with teenage bounty hunter Tee, along with her ramen cooking grandmother and inter-dimensional cat, traversing the universe in the ship the Full Tilt Boogie on the lookout for bigger paying prospects. When they inadvertently come to the rescue of selfish Prince Ifan from Debtor’s Prison, bounty-hunting takes a back seat in favour of baby-sitting the spoilt brat.

After starting an intergalactic war by mistake, the Full Tilt Boogie soon finds itself pursued by invincible sacred knights. The chase is on and the action heats up, all of it delivered against the backdrop of a wonderfully realised universe, but always with the focus on friends and family.

Full Tilt Boogie is a gentle, smartly written space opera, with wonderful visuals which suit the lilting prose and dialogue perfectly. Whilst there are lots of explosions and battles to keep the adrenaline junkies happy, the strength of Full Tilt Boogie is in the relationships and dynamic between the ship’s crew and that of the knights who pursue them.

Full Tilt Boogie is like a warm cup of tea whilst sitting down for the afternoon and watching old Buck Rogers episodes. This series has the potential to go very wide and very far. And in the talented hands of writer Alex de Campi and artist Eduardo Ocaña it just might.

For parents considering a space opera their kids will read and love, Full Tilt Boogie is definitely worth a look.

Full Tilt Boogie

A planet-conquering, prince-rescuing, and ramen-eating new space opera, described by The Hollywood Reporter as “Saga meets The Last Airbender”. 

Tee, along with her grandmother and cat, is a wannabe bounty hunter, odd-jobbing across the galaxy in her ship the Full Tilt Boogie, constantly on the lookout for the bigger, better payday. Some days, though, it’s less bounty-hunting and more baby-sitting, especially when they rescue the narcissistic Prince Ifan from Debtor’s Prison. Accidentally sparking an intergalactic war, suddenly Tee finds herself chased across the universe by sacred knights and unstoppable undead warriors. Planet conquering, prince rescuing, and ramen eating – it’s all in a day’s work for the crew of the Full Tilt Boogie!

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