{Book Review} Found Shadows: P.T. Hylton

Found Shadows: P.T. Hylton

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Found Shadows is the first book I’ve read from Hylton but knowing it’s set up a bit of an ongoing series, I’ll be excited to see how this keeps playing out. I remember when this book was offered for review, the synopsis really grabbed me, but by the time I got to reading it, I’d forgotten, which I think worked really well.

What I liked: This book opens with an absolute bang – we get throw into the mix with 12-year-old Eric, recently kidnapped and locked up in a strange room. He hears and see’s ‘things’ and as the days go on, he grows more and more scared.

Flash forward 30 years later and Hylton picks up with Eric’s story as he’s drawn to a small town that may hold the keys to why he was kidnapped and even more importantly – why he was released.

Hylton creates a great world after this, which really plays off the urban fantasy/paranormal themes well with a really great cast of characters, both good and bad, that push the story along nicely.

What I didn’t like: The only bit I wasn’t too fond of was Eric’s side story with a character called Lewis. You’d need to read the book to really see what I mean, but I felt it was odd to have Eric leave Wakefield and have the events happen. We do get an explanation as to the true purpose of the trip later on, but for me it still felt like an unnecessary diversion.

Why you should buy it: This really was a fun, captivating read and Hylton has created something here that I think, can continue to expand and keep readers clamouring for more. I’d definitely want to see Baughman and Eric’s work together expanded and will be watching for the next release!

Found Shadows

Decades ago, six children from across the United States disappeared on the same afternoon. Now the only one who escaped is the only one who can stop it from happening again.

Eric Partin doesn’t understand what happened thirty years ago. All he knows is that he was taken by strangers and locked in a small room for weeks before he escaped his captors.

Now the other five have been found living seemingly normal adult lives in the small town of Wakefield, Tennessee. But the Wakefield Five aren’t like other people. There’s something wrong with their minds. The only consistency in their wildly conflicting stories is that they all blame one person for what happened: Eric Partin.

Eric must return to Wakefield to uncover the truth before the evil infects another generation.

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