{Book Review} Forbidden Fruit: Calvin Demmer

Forbidden Fruit: Calvin Demmer

Reviewed By Steve Stred

  • Print Length: 27 pages
  • Publisher: Demnation Press (20 Jun. 2019)

I’ve been singing Demmer’s praises ever since I read ‘The Sea Was a Fair Master’ last year. He has a gift for short stories that’s really unique. Taking a few pages of space but filling it with novel lengths of story and feelings.

In his latest short story, Demmer has visited a plotline that I haven’t read very often – poachers.

We follow two big game hunters, on a trip to illegal kill Rhino. They’ve hired the area’s best guide, one who has a mythical history to him.

As things ramp up and the story takes off, Demmer makes use of the idea that the hunters should’ve listened to the one from that land.

As with any short story – it really is difficult to say very much without giving away the entire thing. I will say I loved the pacing, the characters were fun and as the story plays out you want to devour everything that comes with the twist. I’d love to see this part of the story expanded upon, or revisited in the future.

As it is now, Demmer has crafted such a solid short story that there simply aren’t any cracks. His previous short that I read ‘The Town That Feared Dusk,’ as well as his Halloween release ‘Trick or Death,’ had a few stunted parts that I found lacking a bit of detail, that doesn’t happen here at all.

Demmer delivers with an outstanding premise that sucked me in immediately and followed it up with an implemented middle and ending that was truly satisfying.

Demmer really needs to be high on your list of “Must Read” authors and he’s one of the few authors out there that’ll make me drop what I’m doing and read it ASAP.

Forbidden Fruit

A pair of big game hunters on an unsanctioned hunt through an African reserve learn too late the importance of following their guide’s directions.

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