{Book Review} Dimentia: Russell Coy

Dimentia: Russell Coy

Reviewed By Yvonne Miller

Dimentia sets its explosive tone in the eerie build-up. It has an ethereal feel. Chris the protagonist, is a floating existence that is struggling to find his way with his writing. The imagery, the supposition, feels like a bullet ricocheting off the walls in a box room. This is the perfect summary of this taut horror novel. That bullet is speeding towards its end goal. Its impossible not to get hit in the fallout, you become a part of the wreckage as a result. This is the pulse pumping experience that will engross you to the end.

Dimentia is a novel that will crack the strongest of wills. It’s a story that is steeped in such palpitatingly dark imagery that you don’t want to look in those dark corners. Russell Coy has a narrative that dares to be heard, it pulls you in, ties you up and leaves you for dead.

A disenchanted writer. A goat like shadow that has dark intentions towards his daughter. Apparitions. An increasing strength between worlds. An unbreakable bond between father and daughter.

The setting gives you an immense feeling of unease with a bubbling undercurrent of threat. Chris, a disenchanted writer deletes his short stories and attempted novels. What writer hasn’t felt like doing that occasionally? Anyway, he’s had enough and gets rid of them all. Old notepads and journals are thrown away. He’s in the garage and what is that skulking shadow in his peripheral vision? A shadow…a shadow of what? Again, he gets distracted by the school bus pulling up. Tara (his daughter) gets off and starts to walk towards the house. Chris is absolutely frozen still with the horror of what is transpiring in front of him. A demon-like creature has its sights set on his daughter…

The speed and pacing of Dimentia is like a speeding bullet. Be careful to dodge those speeding impacts, but that urge to race to the end was magnetic. Secrets will be revealed, a sense of urgency is stripped back. Relationships are put to the test. One sentence and the blood flew. There are two sides to the story – the human condition and the form it takes is in the centre, we never think we are good enough, Chris is a prime example of that but on the other hand, he steps up to the plate and does what must be done in order to protect that which he holds dear. A story of love, dedication and accepting you are good enough.

Dimentia just keeps on building with tension until an ending so satisfying it should be criminal. Be prepared to be wrong-footed by Coy at every turn.


After giving up on his dream of being a published writer, Chris is plagued by a series of nightmarish visions of grotesque creatures. As the visions manifest with greater frequency they start targeting his young daughter. They are finding their way into his world and only he can fight them. Chris must uncover the truth about his connection to this strange, sadistic realm, and plunge headfirst into the unknown if he wants to save his daughter and himself.

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