{Book Review} Darkness Calls: D.T. Griffith

Darkness Calls: D.T. Griffith

Reviewed By Steve Stred

I’m late to the game with D.T.’s fiction but if ‘Darkness Calls’ is any indication, I really can’t wait to dive in and discover more of his work.

Another stellar release from Demain Publishing, I’m personally excited to also see what Griffith does with an upcoming anthology Demain is putting together.

What I liked: ‘Darkness Calls’ open with a familiar narrative. A brother has been called by his sister’s boyfriend/dope dealer that she’s had an issue with and he needs to come help her. We soon learn that a similar thing happened before with his father. 

From there, Griffith gives us brief glimpses and really dark hints at the truth about why this keeps happening and the brother’s role in the events that are occurring.

I loved the descriptions throughout and looking at the cover you can tell just what some of the repulsive appearances resemble.

Griffith doesn’t hold back and I loved the ending to this. It comes full circle and it opens the door to further events. 

What I didn’t like: The girlfriend of our main character starts off one way and ends completely another way. I think for her arc to have worked I would’ve preferred more of the ending aspects to have been teased earlier on. I can’t say much more to remain spoiler-free, but it felt like two completely different characters and there’s a hard switch roughly 50% in.

Why you should buy this: ‘Darkness Calls’ is bleak and brutal and Griffith nails the ending that is led along with the creeping dread that he introduced early on. Really had a blast with this one and definitely a Short! Sharp! Shocks! one for people to check out if they love tentacle-based fiction.

Darkness Calls

Mike is facing the inevitable.

He and his wife Leah are racing through the middle of the night to see his addict sister in the hospital on the second anniversary of their father’s death.

A situation for which his spiritual mother seems elated. It is a situation Mike knew would be coming, but not for the reasons he anticipated, including that of his own calling.

(with a cover by Adrian Baldwin)

You can buy Darkness Calls from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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