{Book Review} Children Of Demeter: E.V. Knight

Children Of Demeter: E.V. Knight

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Huge thanks to Erin Al-Mehairi for sending me ‘Children of Demeter’ to check out.

I’d honestly not seen much about this book until she sent it my way. I was very intrigued to see how this would unfold, with the commune of people seemingly packing up and disappearing overnight, leaving the lands dead from that day forth.

Cult-based stories have always been something I’ve loved reading, so I was excited to dive in.

What I liked: The story follows Sara, a sociologist, recently widowed, who has moved to the site of the former commune to investigate the group as she researches her next book. On sabbatical from her position at the University, this was a prime time for her to come up and see what really happened.

Knight lets us know almost immediately that not only is Sara not welcome up in the house that the small town believes is cursed or haunted, but also many of the citizens would prefer she not be there at all and bring any more attention to the group.

Knight kept the tension levels high throughout. You always know something is about to happen, and you can’t wait to see just what exactly is going on. The layers of how the commune has seeped out throughout the surrounding area and people was fascinating and learning how the cult came to be and what ultimately happened was also great.

What I didn’t like: It was an odd thing, but even though I absolutely wanted to know what was going to happen, every ‘twist’ or ‘unexpected turn’ was telegraphed far in advance. Saying that Knight had created such an intriguing narrative that I had to know if what I expected to happen did.

Why you should buy this: If you like cult stuff, this will easily fill that itch. The Children of Demeter is an intriguing group and the way Knight infuses the past with the present was well done. This was a really fun read, one that kept me wanting to read on, pulling me along with each turn of the page.

Children Of Demeter

In 1973, a commune of almost twenty-five people-mostly women and children-disappeared overnight from the small town of West Burma, WI. What happened to the hippie Children of Demeter has remained a mystery until this day, which is what draws Sarah Bisset, a sociologist on sabbatical, to the place.

With her personal life in ruins, Sarah is more than happy to lose herself in the secrets of the isolated farmhouse, but soon those revelations have her questioning her own identity and even her sanity. Is she prepared to navigate the labyrinth of lies and cover-ups to expose the truth concealed inside Demeter House despite the consequences?

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