{Book Review} Cathedral: Dave Jeffery

Cathedral: Dave Jeffery

Reviewed By Steve Stred

Over the last number of years, I’ve had the pleasure of both connecting with Dave Jeffery, but also reading a number of his fantastic releases. 

Dave has a way of creating beautiful landscapes filled with wretched horrors and characters with depth and faults like no other and when he released his novella ‘A Quiet Apocalypse’ he reimagined what a post-apocalyptic story would look like.

KR: Dave Jeffery discusses the origins of A Quiet Apocalypse in a superb guest post HERE

I was very excited to see a follow up announced (and I believe there will be a third as well) and immediately pre-ordered this.

What I liked: ‘Cathedral’ itself isn’t a direct sequel to the first book, but instead a continuation of what’s happening in the world Jeffery created and how the survivors have now adapted to the new, soundless environment.

‘Cathedral’ is more a character study than anything. A drama set in a hostile external environment where groups on the outside struggle to survive and groups on the inside work to keep the outsiders away. Jeffery really created some outstanding characters in this one and I found the growing dread of change, or something is going to happen, played a big role in moving this story along.

The ending was fantastic and while I don’t know if a third book will be following the events here, he’s definitely set it up as a possibility.

What I didn’t like: For those readers who’re expecting a direct sequel and a story of survival again, you may be disappointed, as this isn’t it. I will say, what we are given here is a great entry into the world Jeffery has created, but for some it may feel too different from book one. As well, this is a slow burn, character study and as such, it does take some time to get going. For those looking for a survival story with people running from attackers etc, you’ll be left looking.

Why you should buy this: Jeffery is an amazing writer and this is a prime example. He does so much with so little in this story, it is truly phenomenal. He’s really created a gem here and in my opinion created a superior release to book one. I really loved how this one played out and am now incredibly curious to see where his head will take us for a third installment. This is one series where the sky really is the limit and I would hope that Dave continues releasing books in this world and doesn’t stop with a pre-determined trilogy. 



CATHEDRAL … The world has changed. So have the rules.

In the silence of a quiet apocalypse, there is Cathedral. It is a city like no other, sanctuary for the survivors of a terrible plague that has deafened the world. The walls protect the small community. Rituals and laws maintain order to prevent a return to chaos.

But Cathedral is a dangerous and complex place. For citizens like Sarah and newcomer Paul it can be either home or prison.

They just have to decide where their loyalties lie…

(cover by Adrian Baldwin; central art piece by Dark Artist Roberto Segate)

You can buy Cathedral from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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