{Book Review} Cacophony (Collected Short Stories, Volume 1): BP Gregory

Cacophony: BP Gregory

Reviewed By Steve Stred

BP Gregory has been one of the most encouraging people in the dark fiction community since I really dove in headfirst. From reading and reviewing my own work, sharing/liking/retweeting and commenting with congratulations or salutations, and even messaging to say she enjoyed a review and discussed some books, BP has always been such a bright light in my writing journey. 

Her book ‘Flora & Jim‘ was an outstanding piece of frozen post-apocalyptic horror and I was excited to dive into Book One of her collected stories.

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What I liked: A collection of eight short stories, BP delivered stories that ranged from 100 mph to slow burners, even over the course of only a few pages. Several of the stories really bit into me with the message Gregory delivered, but the highlight, easily, for me was ‘The Man’s Heart.’ A blackened look at mortality, that had just the right amounts of creepy and haunting.

What I didn’t like: I found that I enjoyed every story here, but other than ‘The Elevator Story‘ (which was superb) a few of them may have benefited from a few more pages or some extra word count so that the endings didn’t feel so rushed. Gregory can do slow burn, but a few of these started to read that way and then just ended. 

Why you should buy it: Gregory has created a number of incredibly stunning short stories in this collection and I’ve already dove into Orotund, Book Two and there has been no let down. If you are looking for a dark dive into different themes, look no further. Gregory is an author you definitely need to read.

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In the dim swampland of his mind, Boris Bulgaris has always dreamed of working with fast food.

The government executes people who fly as “terrorists”, but Guntarc knows he can escape his life amidst the clouds.

A well-heeled lady almost misses an elevator, but she will desperately wish that she had.

For the first time, eight of BP Gregory’s unusual and sometimes horrifying short stories are available to enjoy together in Cacophony.

You can buy Cacophony from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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