{Book Review} Blood Lake Monster: Renee Miller

Blood Lake Monster: Renee Miller

Reviewed By Steve Stred

And so my Miller-time read-a-thon comes to a close.

In the last few weeks, I’ve read five of Renee’s works, all bringing me a ton of joy and filled with so much gore and carnage.

The last of the five is ‘Blood Lake Monster‘ part of Unnerving’s Rewind-or-Die! series, which has produced some outstanding 80’s B-movie novellas.

That is key going into this novella. This reads exactly like you’d expect an 80’s creature-feature to play out.

What I liked:Blood Lake Monster‘ is set in a small Ontario town and focuses on Maribel and Anya Daniels. Maribel is tormented by some boys and ends up being accidentally killed. A toxic spill that occurs in the lake at the same time her body is dumped causes her to morph into a vengeance fuelled monster. Ehhhh! Ehhhh! You’d rent this VHS. Face it.

Years later, Anya heads back to try and find closure, only to find out her sister is now considered a myth and men shouldn’t swim in the water.

Miller crafts a story that is equal parts character-driven as well as carnage driven. Nothing is off-limits and as the book comes to a close, expect those typical cut scenes so prevalent years ago where more is revealed that will cause even more shock and horror!

Such a blast.

What I didn’t like: A few spots felt a bit rushed when Anya returned. I was hoping for a bit more story to draw things out, but the action gets ramped up right away. Additionally, a few times the creature almost becomes an afterthought.

Why you should buy this: Did you read the synopsis?! Seriously, a revenge-driven toxic-morphed, water killing-machine. Come on! 80’s schlock right there. Miller does this well and the book rumbles along with a joy that is shared between writer and reader.

Blood Lake Monster

Maribel Daniels is weeks away from escaping her hometown, but vanishes while walking home from work. The same night, a truck overturns on a bridge, spilling chemicals into the lake and turning the water red.

Her sister, Anya, returns years later to find out what happened to Maribel, but every truth she uncovers reveals another lie. When she finally solves the mystery of her sister’s disappearance, Anya realizes she’s the only one who can put an end to the Blood Lake Monster.

Is she willing to sacrifice everything for the town that ruined her life?

You can buy Blood Lake Monster from Amazon UK & Amazon US

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